Remembered. Madonna and girlish dreams.

I haven’t posted any music on this blog yet.

This might be a good time.

My guts twisted, in a good way when I saw her video again.

Sometimes, incidental stumbling upon one thing to another, brings.. such surprises. in a good way :)


Madonna. Who would have thought?

I did loved her songs; Take a Bow, This Used to Be My Playground, You’ll See & Secret.

Did you swoon over the Hispanic Bull Fighter in Take a Bow?

Secret, those beats.


Experience that fluttering in your tummy with a blush when you glimpse the evident sexuality and storyline with her supposed lovers in the music videos?

She was so beautiful in the music video. Remembering Babyface, made me smile.

Is it just me, in my really insufficient vocabulary of a writeup?

This is my favourite music video.

I still think women in the 90’s – the Divas has a certain appeal that Girls now in the current decade have lost.

Women of the past perhaps, which is probably my own undefined reminiscence and lament of all this before my time, the now.

Sometimes when we recall the passing times – and call it evolution. I wonder, if anyone of us do pause and remember to cry for all things forgotten and lost. If not for self pity, but a fact that it is gone forever. To have known, know. It matters.

Yet, with change.. we move on. Not forever. But we do.


A little more curves, this subtle yet almost in your face female awareness of her own sexuality, men portrayed a little more chauvinistic seemingly a gentleman and deep red lipstick. Old world glamour.

And maybe, of forgotten teenage memories and thoughts.

I belonged to the MTV Generation.

Good thoughts.

Of remembered yearnings, forgotten romantic thoughts and girlish dreams.


And yet..We had never really evolved that much. Women & Love.

Being a women is a good reminder by itself.

I laughed at myself for a unrelated ode to Madonna and limited self expression.





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