LIFESTYLE MUSINGS: In pursuit of life with a purpose – through volunteering and the arts.

There was a small opportunity lately for me to be involved changing the lives of young children.

Nostalgia: A school playground on a sunny breezy afternoon. Where are the see-saws and swings gone to?

In pursuit of understanding the Chinese language and future understanding the art of self expression.

I said yes.

On my first day. I laughed out loud in amusement and excitement. Enid Blyton how I have missed you! She was my favourite primary school author. Books I never failed to have on hand in school and always burying my nose in one of her works. Aah~ Memories. Familiarity in a land of foreign-ess.

For one, I am keen to improve my Mandarin, since the class will be taught in mandarin with a focus on essay writing.

Another, was to re-visit and relive school memories through helping out at a Primary school project for a friend.

And, to have been given a chance to observe a group of Primary 3 students. I wanted to explore my understanding and assumptions of young children.

Lastly, to satisfy my curiousity if Drama through creativity, improvisation and expression could enable a child to open their minds and help with the self expression. Since as a kid, my mother had been supportive and active in involving me in the arts – Art, Music, Drama. I chose to dance and loved to create/design, which had been crucial to my growing teenage years in terms of self satisfaction, confidence and purpose. I wanted to help.

While I genuinely do think the arts is important to build a person’s character through teamwork, discipline and self cofidence through performing and sharing.

I wanted to go through this study with my friend as a teaching assitant to properly observe and share ideas. So far, I have enjoyed listening, providing and sharing feedbacks.

Being a teaching assistant for the first time, I am learning a new skill. Filming an ative schoolroom of people and trying to capture moments. Basically to film with a purpose and priority based on requirement of the equipment for the study.

The ideas kids do come up with and their growth in a span of 10weeks if this will change their perspectives towards Chinese essay writing and their own characters.

In my priority to achieve change this year. Being able to play a more meanngful in life is a phase I have been pending on. And finally able to do so.

I do hope, I will be able to stay through the 10weeks. And in the midst find a better way to provide and engage with this study. If otherwise, to know that I have volunteered is good enough for now.


A little green chair that stood out :) Being the only different colour. And Green is my favourite colour. Coincidence?

I have to say, in the last 3 days of volunteering, I have a went through many emotions.

From, respecting the role of a teacher, the quest to promote expression through the arts and learning how to manipulate both the Video Camera and Camera in a room of active school children. Children and adults as subjects are very different!!.

I loved how the teachers and students managed to turn this space into a work of art. Monsters anyone?It heartens me to see art in school. Engaging and being engaged. Art was my favourite, next to literature and home economics.


There are many times I had laughed out loud at their replies and artistic antics.

Times, when I frown trying to concentrate listening and being engaged in the chaos of noise and mischief.

Jotterbooks given to the children who designed their covers. The dinosaurs made me smile.

The feeling of trepidation – towards a stranger group of children, being engaged fades each time. As one gets to understand the class on the overall. Time does change things, and gives answers.




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