LIFESTYLE MUSINGS: A love affair with Books.

I have been on a roll with book reading in the past 6months.

The satisfaction of holding a book in your hands, and reading an afternoon away. Deeply engrossed in the waves of sentences, jumble of alphabets. Taken far away into the other world of fiction and facts.

Getting to know a character, a topic or even the author, dcover desingers (Sometimes) and publishers.

Always, one thing leads to another. A reference, a random mention, a quote. A passage.

It amuses me each time I embark on a book searching journey.

Sometimes with an expectation, or list of books I would love to possess.

Topics/Questions that stays in my head, only to go away when the curiousity is resolved.

Many times, a chance pick me up. And when a book is duly finished with a satisfied smile and impression made.

The mood carries me through the days until I arrive on my next adventure.   


It is interesting to observe your emotional moods and intellectual capacity through the selections you pick. Don’t you think?

Almost like the ups and downs in life, with expectation, piqued intrigue at times even disappointments.  But in a controlled manner. You could pick and return what you like or dislike.

The National Library Singapore (NLB) has always been a good source of entertainment and quencher for my thirst for knowledge.

It is my emotional playground for thoughts and treasure trove to reach into the outer realms of the Little Red Dot (Singapore).


I remember the Huge red plastic bags my mother used to bring to the Ang Mo Kio National Library to store the books I borrowed. 16 Books per visit each time, if I remember corerectly.

A trip I look forward to everytime. Myraid rows of books, the cold air from the air conditioner, musty smell of books, hushed sounds and my mother. Glass panels and rainy days.

I started reading at a very young age. And I must encouragement from the parents or family is very crucial to building this interest.

Do you remember The Very HungryC aterpillar by Eric Carl?

I have only just found out it is a Children’s Classic.

The images are still in my memories, the colours and the caterpillar of course.

The building foundation of an everlasting passion with books. And an impression with colour and art.


Enid Blyton. My primary school favourite author. I had an entire collection of her books at home. And never will you find a moment at school with me not nestling my nose comfortably in a book. My cousins were fans too. I remember “Oh bother.” was a regular remark from Cuzzie JW, wondering what Golliwogs are and dreaing fo fairies and talking toys for company. Mischevious cousins on adventures.

Books were always in abundance, with my mother and aunt working in bookhops. Remember EPB, the bookstore frnchise in the early 90’s?

My favourite series?

The Magic Faraway Tree : Dear old Moon Face, The funny almost always deaf Saucepan Man, Mister Watzisname, Dame Wshalot,Sweet Silky the Fairy and of course! Jo, Bessie and Fannie even Mischievious Cousin Dick!. How I wish for a day at the dappled woods, magic whispering trees and fairies and gnomes and adventures of changing lands up the tree. Enchanted food, Google Buns and Pop Biscuits and Toffees Shocks.


Malory Towers:  Daryl Rivers. The brave little girl with her own recipe of Courage and Intergrity in an all grils boarding school with her best friend Sally. Following the girls of the school on a character building adventure and mischeif. Wondering about English picnics and the mistresses of the schoolrooms. Frecnh! The thoughts I had fof the English countryside and the language itself.

  • These were perhaps the main reasons that got me into the habit of reading very often. In fcat built my interest with essay writing and the English Language.
  • Reprint edition, published by Dean in 1990.
  • Illustrations from the 2nd edition (1971) by Rene Cloke were used in this 1991 edition
  • The Faraway Tree series was written between 1939-1955.

And who else? But Roald Dahl.

Higly imaginative, adorable and memorable fictional characters.

I loved Matilda, The Witches and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

In fact, I might just have almost all of his books except for a few.

 o what has really changed through the years?

Not much.

Still reading, and making time for a old hobby.

The topics might have varied a little.

Alot more on Food.Travel and Fashion.

Adult topics on physcology and social behaviours.

Some more on food and travelogues.

Philosophy when the mind hungers for deeper thinking and reflection.

Wichever comes to the inquisitve mind of mine that yearns to know.

Young adult fiction at times for a bout of light reading.


I notices, many times the books I select are based on my current phase in life and nurturing capabilities through the buildup of knowledge – E.G Food making and lately the origins of food and it’s impact on the earth and people.

Cooking was something gradually cultured through experimentation and encouragement of making my own food in school. Children’s play of ‘Masak-Msak’. Even thriving at home economics and realising my interest with planning and presentation. And of course taste.

It was another way to envelope myself in the world of cultures through ingredients.

June 2011 Selections


July 2011 Selections


In the end I guess it is within everyone’s ability to cpture and hone interests. Abilities through a constant quest from knowledge and practice.

And many times, a mean to dream. To be inspired from different individuals.

Lastly, to be able to live and enjoy life’s little joys.

Like reding.


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