EVENT: Natsu Matsuri 2011 (Summer Festival) @ The Changi Japanese Primary School

It is always great when one is able to immerse into cultural activities of other countries.

And quite easily here in SIngapore I think. More so in the recent years, with the various number of free events organised by location and purpose.

Main Field event and Picnic area. You can see the mass Bon Oderi dance going on in the middle :)

Natsu Matsuri is my 2nd year of attendance in a span of almost 10years!

So change is apparent to me with the observations of how the Festival  was organised.

That said, I was really glad to have been able to make it, and introduced this to a friend who might have never knwon of its existence.

Cultural introduction and spreading the word – yes? :)

When an experience is shared, that what really matters in the end.

An another excuse for a good chillout picnic in the vast school feild observing cute children and the ongoing festival activities – Public Bon Odori Dance.

Chillaxing with good friends and/or Family within the school compounds. So happy watching on something traditional happening.

Ok! Here’s a few observations:

The Good and Interesting;

  • Yukata + Obi Rental for Kids and Adults (Females/Males) for SGD$3
  • Entrance tickets are only SGD$2
  • Alchohol is allowed on that day (Asahi beer is sold from Approx. SGD$2-3 I think)
  • Carnival like atmosphere with the Japanese Lanterns, Costume wearing attendees and Food and Drinks Stalls.
  • The Japanese Students, Children and Adults alike really have personal style!
  • That sense of mutual bonding when you watch a mass crowd do the Bon Odori – almost para para style :)
  • Casual and laid back ambience

The Cons and some Tips;

  • Bummed that Kingyo-sukui (goldfish scooping) is discontinued :(
  • Pricing for so-so food is expensive (Average between $5-6 for main meals)
  • Grab your food and lookout for long queues for popular foods, it can sell out fast before 7.30pm
  • Long queues for the free shuttle bus out to the nearest MRT station
  • Limited parking space for those who are driving (We had to park at a nearby industrial estate and walk, so go early if you can)
  • The stall erection layout is not as festive and fancy as before (That was almost 10years ago since I last visited)
  • Unorganized signs leading to where to purchase tickets (It is right outside the school entrance, hidden by the crowd and buses on your right)


It was a Warm August night. befitting for a Summer Festival I guess.

We had the Yakisoba (SGD$3), Japanese Imported Green Tea (SGD$1.50), Japanese Katsu Curry Rice (SGD$5) and Salmon Don (SGD$5).

Our make-do picnic food. Hungry and hot from the weather!

The queue was really long for the beer at one point, so we skipped.

And practically wanting to get out of the humid constrains of the school facility to picnic on the field and soak in the atmosphere :)

It was a little chaotic at the food and drinks area mind you, and the entrance part of the Primary school.

But I guess all in the name of fun and a pasar malam like surrounding, it is all good.

The funny highlight of that day was, settling down right in front of a group of students.

Whom we unknowningly realised were feeling an episode for their school or something about the festival!

Imagine the sniggering and nearly choking on our food when we did notice finally.

The faked accents (Funny), the acting and well sudden enourage of people surrounding us from behind.

And we were thinking “Hide! But how? Ok, let’s just not TURN AROUND. But we are eating, do we look ok??! Lol”

Everytime there’s a retake of a scene by the poly (I presume) students, boy was that uncomfortable in a way.

Yet, an amusing experience, because somehow it brings me back to school days when we were young and oblivious of many things.

I hope you kids, made it for the final cut and a great one at that! :)



What we did regret was not finding the Yukata rental and changing area until the last minute.

It might have been more fun to be dressed up and adding on to the involvment of a very Japanese Cultural Festival.

The funny thing was, there was more Singaporean youngsters wearing the Yukata than the Japanese.

And this time, it seems the fashionable elite street style/Traditional of Yukata wearing Japanese youth was very view in view.

Backview of some males in their Yukatas - Example. And a feel of the festive mood.

Although, one would notice the number of cute Japanese boys in their foreign accents and cool street style.

Why would Singapore schools not allow their youths to be dressed and expressed their view of fashion is sometimes a same.

One of the better worn Yukata by a Japanese on the right. Japanese females are really more gracefiul when they walk in their costume and slippers - obviously.

Suddenly, I felt like I had immersed myself in a school based scenario of a Japanese Drama serial.

Even the friend agreed, the Japanese really does have style.

The women, were well dressed in their flowy dresses and chic slippers. (Especially the mothers!)

Have I even said these yet? Japanese children are so adorable! Little tots in Yukatas – Looking Ninja Cool and Pretty Sweet in floral prints.

I noticed the children having floral Obis trailing behind them than standard commercialized ribbons on the back.

Check out the Stylo little boy in Yellow :) And kids in Yukata wear. Proper Jap style.


In summary, let’s say this was one experience that reminds me of the local – Pasar Malam in a huge facility – The school with a more cultural emphasis of bonding, eating and making merry. Dressing up is really not the point here, and being in humid Singapore. Perhaps it does makes sense.

Yoyo-tsuri (water balloons) stall area - Adults being kids again!


Yoyo-tsuri (water balloons) stall area - More cute kids in Yukatas and colourful balls.

More information if you are keen in this yearly event below:

 Advance Ticket purchase:

Drive to JAS (Japanese Association SIngapore) to purchase since it’s at Adam Road

If you can’t purchase advance, we will have to go earlier on the actual day to buy the tickets.

We had no problems purchasing tickets when we arrived at 7.30pm. 

(Click map to enlarge)
Location 120 Adam Road, Singapore 289899


(Click map to enlarge)

Location 120 Adam Road, Singapore 289899
Japanese Association Singapore ADDRESS: 120 Adam Road, Singapore 289899
Map: (Click map to enlarge)
Advance Ticket Purchase/Contact: JAS Front Office
Opening House: 9am – 9pm
Past Event Photos (So you have a better idea): http://www.jas.org.sg/event/summerfes/summerfes_en.html
Admission Ticket: $2
Yukata + Obi Rental: $3 (Traditional Summer Costume)
Date & Time
20 August (Sat) 17:00 ~
(The event will NOT be cancelled in event of wet weather)

Japanese Primary School (Changi)
(No. 11 Upper Changi Road North)






22 August (Sat) 17:30~ (The event will NOT be cancelled in event of wet weather)
Tickets ($2)

*1 ticket per person for admission (Free for pre-school age children)

*Advance tickets are for sale to JAS members only.

*Tickets are available for purchase at the Japanese School (Changi) on the day of event. (They are not available at JAS front office)


Japanese Primary School (Changi)

(No.11 Upper Changi Rd North Singapore 507657)

This year, we look forward to welcoming more people at the Summer Festival. Come and experience the excitement of Japan’s summer with Japanese food, festival goods, yoyo-tsuri (water balloons), games and bon-odori dance!


1 Bon-odori

Rental fees (cash payment) :

Yukata $2 ; Obi $1

* Limited numbers of children’s yukata are available for rental

2 Food & Drinks Booths

(cash payment)

3 Game Corner

(cash payment)

Yoyo-tsuri (water balloons), basketball games etc

In accordance with the direction from the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA), Kingyo-sukui (goldfish scooping) will be discontinued.


Yukata Rental & Yukata Wearing



* Yukata coupons will be sold to admission ticket holders only.


* Yukata rental / Yukata wearing time 16:00 ~


First-come-first-served basis

*Yukata return time


Please adhere strictly to the time stated

*Rental Fee (Cash payment)

Yukata (Female/Male) : $2

Obi (Female/Male) : $1

Children’s yukata (limited quantity) are available for rental. Please make your payment at the Yukata corner.

*Thing to bring

Foot wear (zori or slippers) & strings (2pcs).

*If you have your own yukata, please inform the reception. Please bring your own strings (2pcs).

*Please refrain from wearing long pants or jeans under your yukata.


Free Shuttle Bus Service



Singapore Expo → The Japanese School Changi, From 4:00pm-to 7:15pm (Every 15 minutes)The Japanese School Changi → Singapore Expo, From 7:30pm→to 11:00pm (Every 15 minutes)


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