On Self inspired and inspiration by others

I think life is just a big show in production. And the world is our stage.
How can it not be?
When there will be opportunities and chance.
The world is made up of billions of people, and a land mass that spans continents and countries.
Each phase a chapter (Hopefully different each time) which will add up to our own legacy – Like a book.
We write our own tome of life, living in it.
In this lifetime we will always be inspired by something, when life is broken down into experience and luck.
I’m not sure about fate but I truly believe we write our own legacy.
The only barrier we have is external distractions whether caused by cuircumstances (Though I always feel that everything that happens in life is caused in directly by another person)
Human beings control everything around us, even to think naively that we can.
Be it decisions or actions.
I will put it this way, if we really think about the cause of climate change and how much it has affected lifestyle.
It is a chain reaction, and we cannot help but be pulled into this way of life because we are living in the same habitat – Earth.
In a nutshell, as an individual we have the power to control our emotions and decision making tiwards an expectation and belief.
But, we cannot control external decisions that is already made by a mass of people about how life should be and will be.
To bring change we can only start by ourselves.


If to see a problem and be quiet about it, or ignoring the fact that it is wrong.
There will never be true change.
Change in life decisions or a constant/phase is what life truly is about.
And every step we make towards the end of our living years, is the basis to LIVE.
The real riddle is whether by taking a risk, making a difference if it will all come back to us.
Logically, I don’t think we can ever do everything perfect or make it perfect.
But by tryong, it meant we have taken the risk, made a decision and moved on.
Taking a step forward to our individual beliefs.


Personally I have never been an advocate to conventionalism.
Trying to fit oneself into a mould does not make sense.
How can each individual believe (whether or not decided by a major number of people) dictate reason?
Thinks: Can a standardized mould really be able to fit everything? If it does, life right now for some would have been the same as to what they always wanted.
Yes, I am writing about aspirations, supposedly inspiration and having an individual code/system that is customized to fit you.
Who can do that but you yourself?


The mind has its voice of its own. We know deep down inside what we do want or crave for.
So fight, try, wait.
Something will definitely happen along the way.
With each fall or experience, we learn. And it already meant a step forward when we do realise it.
Reason and logic will always be a contradiction of sorts. But when one knows what they truly want in their life and try for it, it is a solidary pursuit and a story onely wwe can write for our own.

Life experiences is self owned and given.
We can create by involving others, by chance/opportunity or luck.
But each time, it is firstly through us.
I wanted to write about my feelings today.
Entering another decade of my life, I look back and there are regrets, sorrows and yet achievements.
The happiness I derive from these, comes from a stage that I know I have learned from past failures.
And also the fact that I realise there is more reason to keep moving.
Ultimately, listening to my own inner voice without the distraction from others.
Opinions, now that’s the tricky part.
One might seem to feel, in order to exist we will always need to be surrounded by people.
To feel the warmth of humanity, being involved in something and belonging.
That to me is a little different from accepting opinions just because it is that. An opinion.
Do we listen to analyze thoughts, or are they really clutter?
When there is too many noises, let’s go back to science.
A specific sound can be muffled in the midst of all that traffic. A distraction. Can you hear it?
Combine this with a million of other thoughts generated by each individual, life experiences differing with each indfividual.
No one can customize a SAME SYSTEM for everything.
We are back to talking about putting ourselves in a mould again.
Seriously, when have we truly proven anything like the mystical or even God except through word by mouth, writings and stories from other people?
Basically isn’t life dictated by them?
That said, isn’t it us big headed humans again trying to find reason for things we cannot solve on our own?


I digress.
Right from the moment we are able to think and express ourselves is the beginning to everything.
Each given chance to feel something, ponder is the very chance we get to learn ourselves.
For example, in this lifetime, I am more than glad to have travelled enough at a young age to realise things aren’t what everybody thinks.
At a tender age of 10 years old (If I remember), I have already seen and know what poverty is. I do not have to live in it, to fully understand but I am exposed.
At that age, most I know as friends or even relatives might not have even travelled to certain places to have know it for themselves.
Or, badly put might even have the sensitivity/compassion to actually realise that.
We are always wanting the best for ourselves for the people we care about.
Those who are out of the circle, are redundant – less or no importance. Correct?


To simplify, in a living environment when the people you meet have not experienced what you seen or felt. A mojoraity of them, you are already developing a difference within.
The simple realisation, already alienates you in a way.
And until the time each individual that exists in your life and gone through that experience, they are never truly said to be believed to understand.
So think, when someone says they understands and tries to share and opinion. Are they really or a simple want to be heard?
To prove something – what?
I had grew up with the internet, when it was first introduced into Singapore to the public.
It was, the major changing factor in my life.
For the first time ever, I could reach into a mass pool of people of different cultures, races, countries, age and beliefs.
It was like magic.
Things can be different online, but there is a true opportunity to discuss.
Wonder about the internet existed then.
Now, I’m not against opinions, but a justifiable environment when the need to really share/learn from each other is another.
This trained me to not be afraid of people who are different.
Meaning – My first lesson in life with PR.
Different accents, influences because of location even life experiences are nothing to reject.
Embrace the difference and learn.
This also built my confidence in expressing myself more, in fact challenged me to communicate thoughts or explain myself better.
Living in an country where as I grow up, have to try to understand how the existing habitat is is one thing.
But to reach into an entirely different world, kilometers or oceans away is a trigger point.
It opened my horizons, mentally.


Difference can be and should be embraced by people.
Not to mean wholly accept, but the fact that it is not just about us.
By race or country.
Because we all live on the same earth, drink the same water and breathe the same air.
The Earth is made up of 70% water.
Our body relies on the same shared source of sustainance.
Are we really that different except cosmetically?
3 decades on, i have never shyed myself away from people because of difference in physical appearance.
Nor do I reject immediately a difference in opinion or belief system.
I like to think, I had a mind of my own.
I do. Because I have yet to try to immerse myself in a majority behavioural or belief system if I don’t buy it.
I do, though in order to simplify things, follow a majority decision when it comes to things that involves bonding or sharing a experience – entertaining.
Otherwise, tolerance is a good way to test yur patience and train your mind to keep calm.


Through discussion (and I mean conducive, advantageous and intelligent meaningful ones) relating to the science of life – Environmentally, culturally, politically and the habitual differences of each person.
I seem to have found my personal freedom of expression.
By not putting myself into a stereotype (hopefully) I had found freedom in that too.
Habits to change for the better and training of the character is all accumulated in a lifetime.
We will never be perfect but to strive to be.
I can survive on my own mainly because I am not afraid to ask for help, solve a problem and even to look after myself through daily needs like – cooking and doing the housework on my own.
The fact that I am not overtly fussy when things don’t go my way, or that I have to live a certain specific mode of lifestyle enabled me to adapt to an environment easily – Travelling.
What I cannot stand about people is when they get upset because we don;t share the same beliefs or opinions.
Though I only justify forgiveness in that only when I feel a person has reach a certain stage in life when they have truly experienced different coultures, expose themselves to different elements of living even tarvelled – not to shop, snap a few photographs to justify been there done that.
But to have gone out and know the locals, experience real living. Not just upscale living all the time.
Thats where you see, hear and even feel the real truth of a lifestyle in a different country – as much as you can.
The world I live in right now, emphasise too much on popularity, the material and status.
Being caught up in the rat race to make more money, to have ‘done’ alot in life makes us forget who we really are.
Or about others to an extent. People who don’t fall into this group.


So what is it that you really want for yourself or done for yourslef after this much noise.
(Reading this might also be noise).
Have you tried one step at a time, one thing at a time to achieve?
Opened your mind enough to really listened to yourself and learn from others?
Learned tolerance, peace and adaptibility?
Lastly, found a place within yourself where you have taken up the challenge to live for yourself and do what’s best.


Most importantly, in one lifetime before we have reached the end of the road.
Know who are the people you will always keep close irregardless among the possible throng of others you might go through in life.
Make your life meaningful.
And believe you can make it towards your dreams.
It might never be perfect, but at least we start drawing pieces of it till the end.


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