LIFESTYLE MUSINGS: September Food Challenge to myself

I love cooking.

I enjoyed the entire process of being inspired by recipes, to food shopping, preparing the ingredients to making them.

The most fun I have out of it is planning my own menu.

I mean, how exciting it that? To be able to plant, execute and taste your own product.

Sure, there is a little guideline with recipes, but sometimes we don;t get everything we want or have them on hand and we tweak the recipe a little.

Or, when there is a craving for a certain ingredient. Voila! There is a related recipe online somewhere.

I go back to my 2 Favourite staples – Jamie Oliver (Dappa English Chap I grow up with on TV, inspiring me to dare to cook at a young age. Fuss free and totally casual style of making food) and Nigella Lawson (Who wouldn’t be inspired by her image of a perfect woman in the kitchen. Plenty sinful recipes vut oh-so-fun to watch. Again, quick recipes for anyone to pick up). Lately Sophie Dahl interests, with her soft spoken character talking poetry and literature (Plenty English recipes to try out). If you don’t know yet, she is the granddaughter of my childhood favourite author Roald Dahl (Oompa Loompas & the chocolate river mmmm..)!

Oh yes, and much much recently bloggers who try out new recipes and share them. I emphasise alot on eating green lately, but also desserts (Quite a combination hey?). Whatever that jumps out at me at each point.

Anyway, here’s my Menu for September.



CHEF RECCOMENDS is a little too confident and sure, oh well. It’s a template!

Let’s play pretend shall we? Have a little fun.


I’m drooling already over what’s going into my tummy in the next 2 weeks or so.

Motivation everyday! And trying to spread the habit of making our own food and enjoying it.


  • Trying to make sweet stuff with minimal baking skills at the moment and using oranges as the main theme
  • Incorporating Fruit & Vegetables into mains in various ways
  • Trying to start a collection of Pestos for minimal preparation time for making food on the go.
  • Pancakes! I LOVE BRUNCH. And trying to see how many different ways I can make them :)
  • Pastas, the little ‘Italian-a’ in me is calling. Hahaha..
  • Soups, my continued – upgraded versions to make them. ‘Fancier & Heartier’, away from the puree obsession. How can you not love food that gives you an immediate homey-ness?
  • Lastly, you can see I try for recipes that requires easy cooking and preparation. Trying to align this with my objectives of Lunches-To-Go.

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