Le HDB Affaire: A Picnic in the Heartlands #1, an introduction.

I decided to include this as a series of regular posts in my blog for now, as and when it happens.

A picnic in the heartlands of where I live – The HDB Neighbourhood (Housing Development Board).

If you are non Singaporean, it is basically a cluster of flats  (We call them HDB flats) that builds up into a neighbourhood in an area. And each area will add up to become a constituency.

And for people like us who lives in theseclusters of HDB flats (Heartlands), are called Heartlanders. I guess you can call it a small patroitism contribution with this post. <3

This idea of having a picnic right downstairs where we live under the block of flats, had came about, when I was planning a surprise birthday for a friend. Not wanting to just appear at her house to cut a cake, i decided to go forward with the whole Hoo-Ha. A proper picnic with homecook food (Since we are both trying to adjust our diet to eat healthier and an effort to make our own meals than eating out.), throw in some candles (In case it gets too dark – Who am I kidding we have proper lighting everywhere here in Singapore) and a cake i baked myself. Us ladies can throw in abit of atmosphere effort sometimes hey?  It was a success.

Le HDB Affaire: A Picnic in the Heartlands #1

Pardon the tired looking cake. It had to sit in the warm weather for abit before we proceeed to cut it! Eat the mains first, dessert later! Should have inserted an ice pack into the cakebox.

I degressed.

The birthday girl is happy with the ingenuinity to dine right downstairs where we live – what ease, and the fact that no one seems to have done it before (which was my objective).  In fact we laughed so much on picnic #1, because of how each passer by were looking at us. To date, I am sure I have not seen anyone who actually brings food downstairs and have it – Al fresco picnic style.

Oh well, the awkwardness is over now. We are already on to picnic #3!

Don’t we all like eating al fresco sometimes under the skies and trees;  just being outdoors, people watching or watching the skies turn into different colours as the sun goes down? I call it a little celebration of life!

I guess by improvising how a picnic usually is – In the parks, by the seaside or gardens. Me and my friend have decided to make it a monthly affair to spend time together with sharing homecook food and eating them al fresco where we live.

Le HDB Affaire: A Picnic in the Heartlands #1

In a way to appreciate and make use of the area we live in, since there is always a small park or paved area somewhere we can lay a picnic mat and have a meal and conversation. Sometimes games.

And each time, we decide on what we each want to bring/make – like a mini potluck.  While we exchange and/or try out new recipes. Give feedback to each other’s cooking. It’s great – I am so glad we are doing this. :)

Le HDB Affaire: A Picnic in the Heartlands #1

And a good reminder to slow down our pace of life sometimes from work and do something out of the norm and hopefully in a more conducive way. Sharing interests, spending time together.

Le HDB Affaire: A Picnic in the Heartlands #1

P.S It was a Lacto-Vegetarian meal! Meatless. Good start to eat healthy I suppose!


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