LIFESTYLE MUSINGS: 勇往直前 Taking baby steps, on learning and satisfaction.

Today’s mood is alot about satisfaction and appreciation.
Of sharing, stepping out and gaining speed through understanding.
In a mish mash of different cultures learning a same subject with varying objectives.
One can shy away from attention, yet through voicing out and taking that baby step out, it makes all that difference.
Slowly I am beginning to get the hang of learning again.
And the strength and confidence gained through making mistakes and asking.
Answers really do come forth when one makes the move to ask, to obtain.

As the boats bob along in the water, slowly it is all coming to shore.

I can do it!

Self Actualisation through learning.









很久没见啊,朋友。 <3

Je suis parle vous francaise! – A little, gradually :)

Inokashira Parl, Tokyo (Winter 2012)


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