TRAVEL: Winter at Inokashira Park, Tokyo

Come stroll with me..

This has one of my favourite places to be in Tokyo. I took a walk at Inokashira from the Mitaka Station side, all the way to Kichijoji Station.

Inokashira Park Map includes Location of the Ghibli Musuem

I has spent an approximate total of 5 weeks in Tokyo, and still feel I did not have enough time to fully take in the city. Perhaps I am someone who loved to slowly savour every ounce of  sight, sound and emotions experienced in my travels. And hoepfully be able to inculcate myself into the living culture of each place I visit, or at least bring back something I learned from the community on a whole. A certain understanding, insight into the people’s living culture and perspectives.

For my first post on Tokyo – this post had not been planned to be the first I wrote about. But then again, after my last post with a photo of the lake at the park, I thought it would be apt to actually start from here – Inokashira Park.

In fact it had been after my much anticipated Ghibli Musuem visit, and that day had filled me with alot of motiviation and inpiration. I will probably write/remniscence about this again. At some point.

This has been my second time being in the Kichijoji area, and Inokashira Park it has not failed in showcasing the difference on life in the different seasons. Gone are the vibrancy of the Reds, Oranges and Yellows. But in comes Winter, the day happenings of the local community on a Sunday evening.

I have to say, Forests (I’d call it The Woods really). are going into my TO LOVE List. Pacing myself through the quaint neighbourhood (Have I mentioned Kichijoji to be a favourite neighbourhood area of mine yet?), snapshots of Kawaii houses, trodding on the damp soil, birds calling and trees overhead. Aah~ I wished I was in the Magical Kingdom of Enid Blyton’s Magic Faraway Tree series. Being near Hayao Miyazaki’s museum made up for it :))

Mamacharis (Bicycles) are so nostalgic and eco friendly ♥ fits the setting, with dog owners congregating at the park, young people practicing their baseball and the usual strolling and kicking back to the Park Life. Once again I get a glimpse into a different culture’s way of living in the suburbs.

I LOVE ZAKKA HOMES! The use of colours in their housings, public properties. The pinks and Turqoise and yellows. Has summer come yet? :) I will definitelywrite a  post about the walk through the neighbourhood next. For now, I am just happy looking at these phots at the lake. It was this moment of peacefulness and goodness rolled into one. Couples on a date, birds in the trees and water, chilly air and a hungry mind.

Oh yes, and going back to my favourite old old longstanding (umm.. Yakitori? Skewer shop i call it.). Almost like our local style Kopitiam :) Watching a japanese man drinking lotsa beer – very typical yes?, young people beside me laughing and jabbing away raucously in their funky outfits. Aah~ A mug of beer after a long long walk. Aching legs, smokey old shop, freshly grilled meat on sticks on a cold day. Goodness.I can live another day in this.


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