TRAVEL: Onboard the Superstar Virgo.

Recently, I have had alot of opportunities to revisit past memories.

Memories of my younger days through what I have done, seen and felt.

Basically travelling back to the same places I been to in my younger days.

And remembering these, made me realise I have had a good childhood somewhat.

The ability to travel at a young age, embracing that appreciation that  my parents had viewed travel as a good way to explore our minds and expose ourselves to cultures.

Anyway, last weekend I had boarded the Superstar Virgo again. And it hit me, how this came across as an unexpected opportunity.

To do something I have never done before.

View from the Superstar Virgo.

On the Superstar Virgo.

On the Superstar Virgo.

Yet also, to repeat an experience at a older age, and view it from a different perspective.

So what has changed?

View from the Superstar Virgo: Sentosa, Cable Car Tower (Singapore)

For a start, the Mascots and Glittery stage costumes does not amuse anymore.

The ship has all the things I still remember, albeit feeling that it seems much smaller now.

Funny how things always seems so much bigger and vibrant when you are younger. Now it takes even more to impress, somewhat. Or perhaps because it had been a first time then :)

The vibrant colours used on the ship still catches my attention.

View from the Superstar Virgo: Poolside, some greek inspired decor and vibrant colour.

View from the Superstar Virgo: Via the topdeck, Ladders. Wall piece reminds me of a Victorian inspired brooch.

My favourite is still the view of the sea, as the vessel weaves through the water, slowly. Feeling the breeze in your face, the sea salty air I breathe.

In the night when the dappled waters reflects the moon, covering a mass distance of black and biege moonlight.

In the day, when the sun comes out, and the blue calm waters is hit by the rays of the sun.

In the wide open sea, what a sight.

View from the Superstar Virgo: Via the 7th Deck. Full mon upon the dappled calm waters.

View from the Superstar Virgo: Via the 12th Deck. A view of the sea as we approaches shore again.

Right on the 12th Deck open space, where the soft shuddering of the cruise’s clockwork are at work below.

Slowly lulling.. Lulling you to sleep on the deck chair.

The flourescent lights above always seems so much more extravagant in the night sky.

The glow and noise of people goign about their business in the quiet open sea.

Somehow this must be the favourite part of my short trip.

Listening to the ebb and flow of life, as we move out to sea. Away from the pace of the city and bustling of the busy port.

The short adventure away on water. A different perspective from behind the scene. Another longtime revisit to a vessel after a longtime. That said, taking on new perspectives and gaining inspiration from people i would have never met or know about, brought back yet another new wave of invigoration.


And Day, What difference has the day made?

Sometimes observing from behind and getting to know a person at a distance yet through his/her own going about with their business proves quite and interesting and surprising insight into a personality. Yet, it can be also a form of a barrier, when two different worlds meets and the communication line is broken. It occurred to me, that meeting someone of calibur and talent, fame and popularity could be the easiest yet invisible way to set two world apart.
Yet, upon arriving home. I was deeply inspired by the amount of contribution one can accomplish with their lifetime.
Jumping through challenges and limitations, adapting to multi cultural differences and meeting different people. Some I never dreamed I would have met before.

View from the Superstar Virgo: Via the Topdeck. In the midst of preparation.

Being of similiar age. But also the realisation that aside from just talents and ability, the luck to have the support and power to reach out to people. I have a deeper respect for entertainment and media for now.
That said, I am humbled by the power of Charisma, and the hard work behind things we normally do not think too much about. Especially the ongoings behind the scenes. And the long working hours put in by everyone to make an end product for the masses to enjoy.
I will remember this weekend for a long while yet. Courage – easier said than done!
A mish mash of blurry physchedelic photos, but you know what? It’s all in my head.

And last weekend, I learnt, how it feels like to leave words unspoken. Also, luck and opportunity to have been able to do something some might have really wanted it more than I did.

At that, I end with one word: “Attitude.”

View from the Superstar Virgo: Via the topdeck. View of the busy Harbour with the SIngapore skyline as backdrop. I’m home.


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