TRAVEL TIP: Commuting between the Airport and Tokyo

Getting around a big city like Tokyo can be relatively easy once you get a hang of how it all works.

It had been really interesting for me to navigate through the train lines to get to different places.

In fact every weekend I made it a point to visit the North, South, East and West of the city via the train lines. The point really was to experience if the difference, try to be like a local and commute to places out of the busiest part of Tokyo (Shinjuku/Roppongi/Harajuku/Shibuya) and feel the differences as best as I could.

Let’s start from the Airport.

There is the Monorail, Limousine Bus (Which I find the most convenient and comfortable way to get out of the airport) and the cabs.

The photo below is from Haneda Airport.

Limousine Bus tickets (One Way, 3000 Yen) are available from both Narita and Haneda Airport.

There will be announcements of the location at each stop from the bus driver (Note: In Japanese). But you can try to communicate with him or the bust terminal personnel where you should alight.

Terminal 4 for Haneda to Mark City or Cerulean Towers.

To get to Roppongi via Haneda Aiport, take the Tokyu Bus and drop off at Cerulean Tower in Shibuya. And take the cab.

For the train, drop off at Mark City, also walking distance from Cerulean Towers.

NOTE: There are no escalators sometimes  in the underground tunnels in Japan. If you have heavy luggage/s, it would be a problem lugging it around.


Heading back to the Airport.

A comprehensive Limousine Bus Schedule Guide (2011 Autumn Issue)
It includes all the available bus services to different parts of Tokyo and the airport.

If you are living nearer to the Akasaka area near Roppongi like me and clueless about transport back to the Airport.

I would suggest:

  • The Ritz Carlton at Midtown Tower (Modest seemingly unoticable small entrance located beside Tokyo Midtown’s main Entrance on the right), head up to the reception on the 45th floor.
  • Address: 港区赤坂9-7-1 東京ミッドタウン 東京 東京都 107-6245, Japan
    Phone: 03-3423-8000
  • The staff would be too polite to reject you for a 5 star luxury hotel.
  • Customer service is superb
  • Enjoy the quiet elegance and high celings of the reception interior. It was really nice both times I went upstairs.
  • A Bus Schedule Booklet would be provided for free, and you can arrange your desired departure time with the Hotel reception.
  • Located just beside Tokyo Midtown (Landmark for you to recognize)

The second one which was recommended to me by a local Japanese (Very funny story behind this which touched me alot):

  • ANA Intercontinental Hotel is just about 7minutes cab ride away from the Roppongi train station
  • Address:1丁目-12-33 Akasaka, Minato, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
    Phone: 03-3505-1111
  • A life saver and another alternative to hop on an airport limousine
  • The cheapest way to travel
  • Customer Service at the Reception and before boarding is decent
  • You can also get your hotel reception to call them up and arrange for the best available timing
  • Between NARITA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT and ANA InterContinental Tokyo.  ADULT: 3,000yen ONE WAY
    Between HANEDA AIRPORT and ANA InterContinental Tokyo.  ADULT: 1,100yen ONE WAY
  • Information HERE.

The last reccomendation if you are living near Roppongi Hills, would be the Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

  • Not my favourite for customer service, but convenient if you live around the area.
  • Bus schedule must be made in advance.
  • Booking is not made at the hotel reception but they will tell you to head behind where there will a porter in charge of transportation and booking.
  • Between HANEDA AIRPORT and Grand Hyatt Tokyo :   ADULT: 3,000yen ONE WAY
  • Address: 東京都港区六本木6丁目10−3 106-0032, Japan

Phone: 03-4333-1234

Transit: グランドハイアット東京(バス)



Basic Map Layout:  Haneda/Narita Airport and Tokyo Station via Monorail

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