TRAVEL: Ojima (尾島), Tokyo

Ojima came to mind today.

Perhaps the very image in my head of the autumn trees along the river, the area I pass by the few times I was there on the way back to central Tokyo.

Arakawa(?) River with Tokyo Skytree in the distance

A relatively quiet area.

With not much going on, sans the really nice view of the then; still under construction Tokyo Skytree which can be seen in the distance.

Proudly pointed out to me, and in the distance with the slightly chilly air on the way to a training session it made me smile.

With the quiet river (I am not sure if it is Arakawa River), autumn hues from the trees, quietly standing witness to the changing seasons and calm of the area.

I remember going to MOS Burger and having a cheeseburger. Which was surprisingly more expensive than the one in Singapore.

Trudging in the cold after a long day at work, somehow savoring the cold, a hit to my senses. Sometimes wishing I could have the time to explore the park by the River, except the thought of the long trip via the subway back dampens the mood a little.

The numerous transparent umbrellas outside the office, people catching a smoke break in the rain and cold. A little gloomy, serious atmosphere, hushed voices.

And then, one day while seeking  a quiet afternoon for lunch.

We came upon a random a quaint little cafe. A perk me up.

Somewhere opposite the side where MOS Burger was, a friendly orange and wood establishment snuggled between the grey and plain shops.

Quaint Cafe setting, small space with just three tables.

with a giant Glass Alchohol Distiller on display behind me and VS Arashi showing on TV.

That mix of Vague Japanese words; Foreign noise, smell of Food – of Roast Beef especially.

I chose the platter. Being greedy and wanting to taste the Japanese interpretation of Western food.

And lunch was.. Petite like, prettily arranged as most western style Japanese restaurant.

As a platter because of the variety, filling too.

Consisting of Roast Beef, a small slice of Quiche, pretty decent succulent Oyster with a Tomato based Sauce and I think a Beef Bolognese of sorts.

I actually enjoyed the meal in between quiet smatterings of quiet talk with colleagues and munching and the use of colours on a plate.

Something I miss, because it makes on anticipate to taste, whet the appetite upon visual intake.


Always quietly going about their flow of things.

That sense of gratitude towards it’s existence.

Seemingly always unshaken by the on goings around it.


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