TRAVEL: Belgian Beer Cafe Antwerp Port @ Akasaka (赤坂), Tokyo

For a non Tokyoite , foreign and a first timer there; Akasaka striked me as a really nice area for a quiet night of drinks away from the hustle and bustle of Roppongi at night.

After an evening of aimless walking one December weekend and arriving on the reason why: Akasaka and Asakusa are two entirely different places!

Supposedly, we were setting off towards the Temple with Huge Lanterns – Sensoji (Asakusa Kannon Temple).

Akasaka Sacas was around the corner, and being there during the Christmas season, an Ice Skating Rink had been set up in the open space. Setting a really nice holiday vibe with the glistening fairy lights put up all around the elegant European looking shopping mall. Purple and Blue lights and Christmas Tree illuminating the ice skating area.

Also, SMAP (Japan’s popular Jpop group) had also opened its annual limited term only SMAP Shop the same month I was there. Making it a trip worthwhile I guess. Abit of Japanese Entertainment hype.

SMAP Shop (RUNNING SMAP) @ Akasaka Sacas

A little wandering around the area, chanced us upon Cafe Antwerp Port, a really nice place serving Belgian Beer.

Belgian Beer Café Antwerp Port was the first European style Belgian beer café to open in Asia and, in keeping with this pioneering reputation, they make a point of offering a number of beers that aren’t available anywhere else in Japan.

……… you’ll find a total of 60 different varieties of Belgian beer, including 5 on tap, and a staff that’s more than happy to pour you a beer in the authentic Belgian manner. – Timeout Tokyo March 2010

Belgian Beer CAFE ANTWERP PORT Address: Akasaka Minato, Tokyo Prefecture 107-0052

It was nice to spend some quiet time and a yummy beer after a long work week.

Being out of the cold and stepping into the cozy atmosphere and semi dimmed lights.

Have a cup of coffee or try the Belgian Cuisine on the menu there. If you did, leave a comment and tell me about it.

Would love to know :)

Cafe Antwerp Port Interior @ Akasaka

It’s quaint tasteful setting, experienced bartender (Judging from the way the beer was drawn and served) and quietly efficient wait staff provided a relaxed mood.

In Tokyo, the city’s ability to provide you a sense of privacy and quality service is something appreciated at times.

Bartender at work @ Belgian Beer Cafe Antwerp Port, Akasaka

Even better,  when a complimentary serving of an appetizer comes to go with your beer.

For a woman, it was a really nice feel good factor for a revisit.

I chose a Leffe Bruin, since I prefer a stronger taste the likes of  a Guinness.

Creamy and delicious. Making is a fruitful ending for a weekend day out,  and a first time with Belgian Beer.

Leffe Bruin Belgian Beer

 An abbey beer, Leffe Brown has a delicate taste of Vanilla and Clove, and the full aroma of Toffee and Caramel. 6.5% alchohol, fits best with hearty and sweet dishes. – Leffe Official Website

Creamy, malty with a sweet aftertaste. Which I find suitable for a female palate.

Ice cold and fresh from the tap.

Need i say more?

Akasaka via the Subway


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