TRAVEL: Chokokuji Temple in Autumn @ Nishi Azabu, Tokyo

I have never found out the name of this temple when I left Japan both times. As usual, I love it when things are chanced upon and discovered indirectly.

These are photos I took during my trip in Autumn of 長谷寺 Chokokuji Temple (麻布大観音 Azabu Ohkannon) in 西麻布 Nishiazabu, Tokyo.

Consecutively I will post photos of the same pace in a different season , Winter in the next post.

A place I go to reminiscent and enjoy the cultural grounds of the old in the midst of high rises and city life.

For now photos until the next post when I had more contact with the people and stories to tell, within the premises on my second trip back in Tokyo.

Japanese temples never fails to restore that peacefulness in me. Away from the urbanity, set in the middle of a working suburb. Where it is always seem to be about rush, pace and time. Body clock readjustment. Zen.

“She closed her eyes. That was it then. She had found herself a pair of magic glasses. They showed more than the eye could ever see.” – The World Around The Corner, Maurice McGee

A favourite childhood hand me down book, I have never regretted picking up and reading. And it still brings back that fascination whenever I do read it again.

Tokyo Subway Map – Nishi Azabu Approximate Location


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