TRAVEL: Outside the Ghibli Musuem @ Mitaka (三鷹), Tokyo

As how Jamie Oliver quotes it best: “Happy Days”.

Let’s take a stroll with me as usual around the exterior compound of the Studio Ghibli property.

Looking through the photos again, made me smile so much. I feel like a kid again. Perhaps while many would have opted for the insanely popular Tokyo Disneyland or Disney Sea. I was just so very much happy and better off with meeting quaint little Ghibli Town.

When one can relate to the characters you very much know better – And now that I am so much older and veered too much away from good ol’ Donald, Goofy and Mickey. (Still love the Walt Disney movies though. What a shame they re-coloured Aladdin! Bring the old Technicolours back!!) It almost felt like a homecoming and a shy first meeting of old friends. Kiki-chan! Laputa! Pom Poko! Totoro-san!

Say Hello to Totoro-san :)

As good as it gets, the one and only time I feel so much like the little girl and found the child back in me once again. Ultimate memory. Finally I get to come here, when I missed out by a wrong ticket date the last time! Same place, different season.

Winter mode.

Entrance to the Ghibli Musuem.

The little details and thought that went into the architecture and layout of the property, puts reminder into the hearts of visitors, the adorable characters and movies that Studio Ghibli has been producing.

In fact, it made me wonder if the perception of the place between a child and adult could be very much the same or different. If we saw through certain nuances. It takes an inquisitive and open mind to see through different eyes. Enjoy the space.

Back entrance to the Musuem. Which is near the bus stop that you alight from, if you take the Bus from Mitaka Station.

I love how the foliage was grown over the walls creating a sense of mystery.

Gentle curves, non of the hard lined edges and corners.

Don’t the doors remind you of Faery folk residing within?

Element of representation from ‘Laputa’.

The calming curves of the building, nooks that sometimes amuses me as a explorer of the place – I came across a little room with very low walls within. A very small wall mirror and a stool. Somehow making me feel like I was intruding into a secret room owned by an elf.

2 security Nekos (Cats) in suits from the Cat Kingdom (From the Cat returns) staring out of the window, a tad ominous

Even the toilet was so quaint, as weird as it seems, it puts that smile on your face (Took a shot, couldn’t resist!).

A peaceful protest. Even the use of colours seemed all cheery and fit into the neighborhood’s friendly atmosphere..

It was a semi ironic note to be in a happy little place – with children up on the tower, when an Adult Demonstration was happening across the street. To me, it felt like a genuine chance at observing another part of life in urban Tokyo. A scene that we might not see on an everyday basis.

Cameras started coming out again, and everyone started videoing and snapping at the scene opposite. Momentarily forgetting where we were. Except standing on steel ‘Laputa’ replicas trying to capture a very uncommon event.

All these elements of  surprises in Tokyo!.

It was very endearing for me to see adults playing with the seat. “Clang. CLANG.Clanging” away on the spinner.

NOTE: The interior of the Ghibli Musuem is strictly for visual veiwing. No cameras allowed.

Visitors would definitely need to change the Train Line to get to Mitaka (The fastest way). Or you can talk a long walk through Inokashira Park from Kichijoji Station (Not quite recommended by locals it seems).

I will be posting a TRAVEL TIP writeup for Studio Ghibli in the next few days.


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