TRAVEL: Inside the Ghibli Museum compound @ Mitaka (三鷹), Tokyo

Ghibli Musuem ‘movie’ stub (You can purchase a magnifying viewer for the film strip). Everyone gets a different one too I think!

Right from the minute you enter the place, the journey to exploring into the world of the Ghibli Studio entices you through little elements of surprise like the movie stub given to you.

I went : “Eh. What for?” and the lady tells me it’s for a movie later on.

Where one has to queue with everyone else outside a cinema. Imagine stain glass and whimsical projections above your head.

Going into the Ghibli Musuem. Stained glass details and lighting.

I did not see much of the cast from Spirited Away nor the dashing funny Howl.

Arrietty made her little debut thought from Ghibli’s latest anime film  Up on Poppy Hill (コクリコ坂から). So glad I bought the movie in Taiwan!

As good as it gets, the one and only time I feel so much like the little girl and found the child back in me again. Ultimate memory. Especially since I bought the ticket on the wrong date the last time, and thinking I would not be coming back to Tokyo anytime soon. This was a cherished memory and at a different season.

Autumn would have been beautiful.

Be pleasantly surprised to kindle that small fascination with film and appreciating the invention of ‘Automation’. Staring through the panelled glass,  moving images running paces like a ticker watch. If you have watched ‘Cinema Paradiso’, this is your chance to get a little closer behind the invention of automated film projection.

Even a 3D like depiction of a moving Totoro scene, flashing on an off using a zoetrope. Gasps of “Sugoii!~” and awe in the flashing lights. Shrouding the room in a perpetual pattern of day and night.

P.S If you are a fan of Studio Ghibli or Hayao Miyazaki, there’s an exclusive screening of a short film at the musuem (Such a fan girl).
Oh my. Happiness.

A scene from Kiki’s Delivery Service (魔女の宅急便 )

A feel good day watching people young and old having a go at the water pump. Have you watched Kiki’s Delivery?

NOTE: The interior of the Ghibli Museum is strictly for visual viewing. No cameras allowed.

Straw Hat Cafe, extremely crowded on a Winter’s day.

Can’t resist ice cream even on a cold day with a signage like that.

Quirky. They were serving curried cabbage in Hot Dogs and Tomato Offal Stew.

Which I ate outside, not wanting to be cooped up in a tent and fresh air. The curious looks I got for doing that :)

I will leave it to you to imagine what goes on inside. But I will say, coming to this place gave me a better understanding on what can go through in an animator’s mind and the detailed work the teams put in.

Oh. And I would like to have a few of those stained glass accents in my dream home one day.

Go with a sense of humor and cheer. Taking in the efforts put into making this place for children to wonder and adults to remember their childhood. Explore with everyone and see what a day at the Ghibli Musuem will bring you.

Route towards Mitaka via Subway

Train Directions to Mitaka via Roppongi (For your reference)


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