TRAVEL: Scenes, travelling up to the coast of Mui Ne, Vietnam

I should veer off from my heavy posting about Tokyo and write something about Vietnam.

An Asian country that I would love to go back and explore more.

Taking a 4 hour sleeper bus from Pham Ngu Lao in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) to Mui Ne,  was a 1st time experience. Cramped legs, albeit the salesperson telling us it would be much comfortable than travelling in a coach. But trapping your legs into a compartment below your knees for long periods with no moving space, does not seem to justify that.

If you are looking for the possibility to lie down for a nap, this could be a better bet. In my opinion travelling in the daytime, with the passing scenery to entertain, 4 hours is really not at all tedious.

8am @ Pham Ngu Lao

Surprisingly, the bus passengers composed mainly of  the local Vietnamese people. Which I appreciated, than a bus full of tourists. A great opportunity to just observe in the background.

An English backpacker boarded, rather scruffy with his piercings. Yet settling really well with a Vietnamese family in the back of the bus. Quietly conversing, I was surprised by their ability to understand English quite well. Perhaps with the American influence during the war? There no real sense of xenophobia with foreigners it seems.

Though I conclude, maybe because we are all heading to a resort town. And travelling up from the touristy strip of the city.  Meeting foreigners on the bus is a common thing.  A few days earlier at a coffee shop, I did meet a girl in her twenties shying away from our attention. Language barrier.

The fact that I had absolutely no real idea where I was heading to, except a quick search on Trip Advisor for places to go in Mui Ne. All I knew was the Red and White Sand Dunes, Fairy Spring. Which added on to the fun. No expectations.

Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) to Mui Ne

The perk about travelling on a bus (taking the bearable distance into consideration), was the ability to look out the window and watch the human activity ongoing on the way.

Let the photos be suffice.

Roads do not seem busy. Driving seems relatively relaxed.

Fresh Chicken for sale.

Hardware shop


Would love to know why there were so many people crowding there.

Cycling Street Hawker.

Le Hong Phong Bridge into Phan Thiet (Provincial Capitol).

A glimpse of Phan Thiet Water Tower (1934), which was designed by Prince Suphanouvong of Laos.

Glimpse of the sea. Finally we arrive to the beginnings of the Mui Ne stretch.


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