TRAVEL: Autumn, exploring the Nishi Azabu (西麻布) neighbourhood.

Autumn brought me many surprises for my first visit to Tokyo.

Where the Nekos (Japanese for ‘Cat’) sighting happened.

At one time, while resting quietly on a forbidden stairway of a duplex early morning, hot green tea in hand.

A trio of cats came out of a house nearby. One by one they sat in a row under the pots of plants.

I will always remember my astonishment, at the sight of the calm cool cats appearing one by one.

Sitting not in unison but like a cleverly choreographed charade, blinking at me.

Cuddly, fat beautiful cats.

I wish that morning, I had my camera with me.

Brightly coloured flowers still blooms from corners of private housing.

Bursts of vibrant yellow line the roadside at a certain neighborhood around the area.

I will always remember the fluttering of falling maple leaves in the cool wind, confetti like as I explore the area camera in hand.

The scene reminds me of the anime “5 Centimeter per Second”. Wind blowing in her long hair, falling leaves. School uniform and Bicycle.

When I travel, I am always curious with how the people lived.

Their daily going about, lifestyle habits.

Cables overhead.

Scene during a morning walk. Ojisan (Unce) gave me a polite nod and smile, as I curiously walked into a private neighbourhood, camera in hand.

Public Bus, incognito Bus Stop and a Schoolgirl on the way to Shibuya (Guessing).

I wonder what Bugs Bunny and friends were on about?

I love to see the schools where children are. Always something cheery about it.

Architecture and housing, imagining how life can be if I was living there.

Favourite house in the neighbourhood.

Beer vending machine in the neighbourhood.

Red bricked buildings are a common sight.

Whats similar, familiar, or not?

And it was one of these days that I started collecting multi hued leaves from the ground.

The child in me kicks in, and I came back happily to the office after lunch hour showing a colleague my collection.

Surprisingly, she seemed more bemused by my action than revel in my excitement.

A friend in Singapore though, cheered at the thought of me bringing back Autumn leaves as souvenir.

Funny how what one would assume would work out turn out differently sometimes.

Perhaps Autumn leaves does not mean the same as Cherry Blossoms.

Waking pass a flower shop always made me smile.

There are always fresh blossoms lurking somewhere in Tokyo, be it in/at a shop, planted along the pavements or popping out at me from a person’s apartment/house.

Vibrant plants saying hello!


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