FOODSTEPS: Christmas 2012, In celebration of the land and sea.

Well, it was quite a coincidence that the food prepared these year had a relatively seafood-ish theme.

Interestingly, I was reading about the ‘Feast of the Seven Fishes’ while trolling on the internet for recipes.

We do have four dishes from the sea though, can that be considered? ha.


Christmas 2012 Menu


That said, a traditional Southern Italian meal for Christmas seemed to made me realize I have a penchant for Italian inspired food!

Spaghetti this year (And yes the seafood), last year’s Roasted Vegetables. Because it is all so easy to make.


So, Christmas. My favourite time of the year.

Playing jazzy music and christmas songs as we go about preparing the feast, cleaning and decorating the apartment.

Wafts of awesome smelling food from the oven and stove. Chaos in the kitchen.

Finally, the table meal when everyone is present for that few meals in a year on special occasions. that make everything that mattered, matter.



We surprised the parents by waking them up to  the entire meal spread in the Dining area lit up with fairy lights. Dad loved the lights, smiling like a kid.

Dad’s favourite was the Mussels with Mushroom Duxelles with Spaghetti. Which I modified the original recipe by adding pasta to bulk up the meal. More on that in my next posts.

The next family favourite was the Poached Salmon in Spiced Milk with a Buttercream and Chive sauce.

Mum’s favourite was suprisingly vegetarian. The Maple and Orange Glazed Roast Carrots. Citrusy,  fragrant and sweet which adds a refreshing punch to the wholesome sauces and heavier main dishes.

I must admit, most of the food was bought at this great wholesale stretch in Woodlands Industrial Park and sauces were pre-prepared packages. But what I did was add in more ingredients to the sauces to build up the richness and authenticity.  yet minus the hassle of building sauces up from the basics (Phew!).


Usually I would have made everything from scratch but after a my first time cooking a Christmas meal last year and how time consuming ti can be at times. i thought this was the best compromise for occasions like this.

Also team work was better coordinated this year, with my sisters helping to run last minute errands to pick up ingredients, setting the table, make the sauces and also the making scallop dish. Which I appreciated alot.


No Nigella Lawson wannabe moments :)


And when most of the food can be bought from the same location – Bliss! No long queues at supermarkets and chaotic atmosphere. Just good fun selecting ingredients in huge freezers and glass panel led displays. Which made for a great day out with family.


What else?

The finale for the entire meal was a surprise ‘Ice Cream Bombe’! Inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Winter Pudding Bombe. Love it.

The combination of oozy rich Dark Chocolate and Strawberry Jam, Fruit Loaf, Liquer and Ice cream. #WIN.

image (8)


Most of the recipes I had made for Christmas are usually derived from Whole Foods Market or Jamie Oliver’s website.

Oh! And I made a Christmas Hexenhaus, which i will post up next! Sweat and tears and patience I tell you.


Wishing everyone a Belated Merry Christmas!


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