DESSERT: Christmas Ice Cream Bombe

An adaptation from Jamie Oliver’s Winter Pudding Bombe (Recipe).

Say hello to my Christmad Cookie House too (Hexenhaus)!

Say hello to my Christmad Cookie House too (Hexenhaus)!


(My Modified Recipe)

1 litre Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
1 Gardenia Fruit & Nut Loaf
125 ml Sheridan Liquer (One section is filled with a black liqueur, consisting of coffee and whiskey flavors, the other is filled with a white liqueur of milk white chocolate.)
3 heaped tablespoons Strawberry jam
25 g Whole Almonds (Or Pistachios)

Handful Slivered Almonds

40 g Dried Apricots, thinly sliced
1 Can Mandari oranges in Syrup (Drained and cut into pieces)
1 Bar Cadbury Gold Dark Chocolate (70% cocoa solids)

Milk (For adding into the melted chocolate, for a drippy consistency)

image (7)


Follow the instructions as stated in the video.

Easy peasy!

Jamie Oliver’s Winter Pudding Bombe

  • When serving, unmould the ice cream + bread mixture onto a tray of your choice.
  • Pour the chocolate over the ice cream prior to serving – directly. As it will start melting in the neat.
  • Sprinkle Almond Slivers on top.
  • Pour the melted chocolate quickly.

This recipe will definitely make a comeback on the dinner table at some point soon enough. Extremely easy to make. I find the Gardenia Fruit & Nut loaf already tastes of Christmas with the dried fruits and nuts. And I love it’s chewy, moist texture. Good for soaking up melting ice cream custards!

One thing to note is, while the example that what Jamie uses for chocolate will harden over the ice cream. Because I am using a cheaper version with milk added to ensure the chocolate sauce will flow over the mound, the liquid will not harden but ream a oozy glossy finish.


One thought on “DESSERT: Christmas Ice Cream Bombe

  1. Wow! Your little Muji gingerbread house turned out awesome!!! The icing that came with the kit was kind of hard to work with , don’t you think? I would love to try Jamie’s Christmas pudding next year. Happy 2013! Take care, BAM

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