LIFESTYLE MUSINGS: A journey, a year on with food.

Earlier this year, I had started a cooking album in my own personal FB account to encourage people around me to start making food and presenting them with love. I’d like to think there was a positive influence that came out of it.

Nope, no one knew my purpose, I just started posting.

In fact what started as a food post of my whimsies in the kitchen, slowly branched out to pursue my other advances in cooking – Baking.  Making food had been a childhood hobby – self realized and cultivated, a favorite subject in school (Home Economics) and a favorite topic on TV (The Naked Chef being my very first influences).

A year on, I think cooking has become a natural frequent occurrence again in my daily life. Practice did make ‘perfect’. My cooking improved.

What's Cookin'

What came as a tongue in cheek question back to my FB community fanned out into a series of food photos that triggered a few questions to the ladies. Mainly about the lack of kitchen skills or proper understanding of making our own food. Which I felt was important to better appreciate our purpose in life, eating and living well. 

And in general, if we have ever properly appreciated the food that was made for us, put on the table.

I had on a few occasions  baked and to my own surprise was always reciprocated with this look of surprise and anticipation on the other party’s faces. That simple word of ‘Thank you’ was quite enough. The smiles that went around – Priceless.

What's Bakin' Living la dolce vita

Many food posts were focused on the restaurants and cafes nowadays on my FB, and what few personal cooking posts I did see were made from mostly processed foods. Which started me wondering if there really was a problem with our eating habits here.

I as with everyone else had the same option of eating out all the time because it was just so easy and convenient. And the hype that comes with being able to check out the ever changing F&B food outlets here can be enticing.

And if so, what happens if we start learning to make our own favorite foods? Or experiment new dishes on our own? Would that make our life less mundane and meaningful? 

Perhaps by encouraging others to be more active in their lives by taking up more personal responsibility over what they eat for one. Everything starts from within. Inside out.

Cooking a pasta dish is not that difficult isn’t it? Why do we pay such higher prices for outside foods, yet complain about the rising costs in Singapore? 

The effort put behind making food that nourishes both your soul and body, and the emotion behind the step to cook for others is something I felt not often appreciated enough.

Mango Salsa, Spiced Rice and Chillied Dory

Perhaps I will post more of my cooking/baking adventures as I go along. For now, I am glad to see more people making an effort to cook at home, and even start baking. Fresh food and homemade always are the best.

As the year is nearly ending. I am truly glad that the one resolution I made from last year to start eating healthier and making more home made meals has been achieved. There is a small goal in also trying to alter people’s perspective towards food and reanalyze their lifestyle. And a journey yet to improve my eating habits.

By using my food posts to express my moods, imagination and sometimes realizations is a great way I think. Learning every step of the way.

Tempura and Soba Attempt

Food as the medium. A hobby that can be cultivated, time spent with your family/friends making things to eat. Learn about new herbs, vegetables and appreciating the origins of your food sources. Even to start respecting the person and ingredient that goes into what you eat. So many good values to be learnt from one main activity.

I have been spending a little more time with my mother venturing into the older neighborhood wet markets. Listening to her converse with the old people there selling wild herbs and vegetables. There is so many issues connected to just food itself. Whether or not directly impactful.

Even having fun trying to remember wild plants that will serve some medicinal purpose. And very probably long forgotten or ignored by the younger generation now. Such precious knowledge.

Life. We all need to think a little deeper about the purpose, our actions and the impact to the surroundings.

With each effort made, I truly believe miracles can happen.

Exercising regularly will be my next health goal.



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