TRAVEL: National Dong Hwa University (国立东华大学) & a gathering of Ethnicities, Shoufeng township, Hualien (Taiwan)

And it was time for lunch.

Driving out from Liyu Lake, there were a row of stalls selling ‘Live Jumping Prawns’.

Which seems to be the must eat product around the area.

I wasn’t feeling as hungry but decided to get a bite to eat. Something quick.

So I opted for freshly fried Prawn Cakes (Just to see what the difference is between the one we have in Singapore and in Hualien) and Deep Fried Yams (Because I love Yams). And a Papaya Milk to go.

SAM_3519 SAM_3517

Turns out the next location we were travelling to, made a really sweet afternoon lunch spot.

I guess, with some piping hot nourishment, a cool drink and great weather – everything just fell all in place.

I was on a holiday!

It was the school holiday, which made the campus a tad quiet. I didn’t mind that, in fact it made a personal quiet solidarity afternoon exploring the grounds. Observing some school activities without interruption.


View from my lunch spot.


I loved the lake that was smack in between the campuses.

The main management building in the distance looking like a castle with it’s distinctly European architecture.

On the opposite, a bridge is built with yet another campus. The view of the mountains behind, beautiful.

All it takes to make it perfect would have been a pot of coffee and a really good book.


The sound of laughter coming from below the lake, where a canoe session was taking place.

The fresh breeze, cool afternoon and sound of water.


My camera died at this point. Which meant that I also missed out on getting shot of Hualien City – Bugger.

This is a really great campus to be in I can imagine. With no urban distractions, beautiful views of the natural setup.

I also toured the residences being built on the property – HUGE.

National Dong Hwa University is the largest educational campus ground in Taiwan with a merger of two Universities. 

Walking through the walkways of the classrooms, somehow while it is not as extravagant in facilities compared to Singapore’s University – Superficial things like an air conditioner and new modern furniture. It gave off a vibe of literary beginnings and history. The surrounding mountains and the diversity of Taiwanese Ethnicity coming together also.

A well spent afternoon I must say. In fact in some ways I envy these students, the future of Taiwan in a landscape like this.


I must have been extremely lucky that day.

There was a gathering of student leaders representing their ethnic tribes that day!

I was excited. I wasn’t expecting something like this.

Hualien Indigenious culture right in front of my eyes!

The Amis, Kavalan, Sakizaya, Bunun, Truku, Seediq are the main tribes in Hualien.



As you can guess, Ms Chen tells me yet again: “You are very lucky. It is not often something like that happens here.”

Indeed. I count my blessings in Hualien.

She has showcased many of her wonders in a way I least expected. And in many many ways I am grateful for.

Taiwan for my very first visit, you have brought me many memorable memories. 



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