TRAVEL: Yuanyeh Ranch (原野牧場 ), Xincheng Township, Hualien (Taiwan)

So M. and me decided to explore to the other end of the bay.

The weather that day was turning fantastically wet and cold. But we preserver.

Considering that it would be much harder for 2 lone females to head out into the night to explore when it gets darker and even colder.


No regrets about it, because this is when we chanced upon a property in Hot Pink, that perked up our spirits.

Where does this lead to?


Actually, we were both already very much into a deep conversation about our differing cultures and observations so far :)

And decided to come back for dinner at night, before we depart to our respective destinations the next day.

Solo travelling has this ability to make a trip mean even more especially when you meet people whom you can talk to and enjoy their company. Something I had left Taiwan with and cherished.


Odd way to present a salad. Rose petals underneath as garnish.

Odd way to present a salad. Rose petals underneath as garnish.


This was also the place where it changed my opinion of Goat’s Milk.

Creamy, non of the pungent smell I find in the Vishnu’s Goat’s Milk here (albeit being farmed locally in Singapore and fresh).

And the taste of a different kind of dairy with coffee was a sort of foodie mini adventure for me.

Seated beside the glass panelled windows as the sun finally sets to a dark, and the torches ablaze.

Food, Good Company and Warmth – I was content.


Menu Recommendations

Now back in Singapore, I have found out that this was the Chishingtan Hsia Village Waterfront.

A property that was built with sea drfitwood and runned by an Ami descent owner.

The interesting part is, I don’t think  many people are aware of this place in Qi Xing Tan.


Somehow, a part of me wished it would remain this quiet and quaint atop the cliff.

Yet the other part logically tells me, in order to sustain the little farm and restaurant, it would best that people begin to become aware of it’s existence.


The dinner set; for a Salad, Soup, Main, Dessert and beverage (You can always choose their signature house Goat’s Milk Coffee). Less than SGD$20 and a friendly private atmosphere.

I had a seafood platter, which was average. Well cooked but nothing to harp about.

The location would be especially great I can imagine, during sunset or sunrise at good weather.


Here’s a series of photographs around the property.

I have no idea why it is called a ranch for a relatively small property?

Or if it is affiliated to a ranch nearby?

I went there again on the morning I was leaving to capture the shots in better weather.

Somehow seeing the Pink and the little goats there made it all worthwhile.

A nook I had found together with a friend and being able to enjoy it with company.


This is approximately a 20-30minute walk from Hotel Bayview.




Yuan Yeh Ranch (9, Qixing St, Sincheng Township. +886 3 822 6778)

  • The ranch is home to 200 goats and their fresh milk is also incorporated into Yuan Yeh’s famous iced coffee.

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