TRAVEL RECCOMENDATION: Hotel Bayview and it’s surroundings, Xincheng Township, Hualien (Taiwan)

Hualien had blew me away definitely for it’s scenery and the satisfaction on both lodging that I had chosen. I had deliberately decided on two different lodgings at two different locations (within the Valley and by the Ocean) to savour East Taiwan at it’s best. Like what a friend had told me before I left, Hualien is one of the best places to savour the sights.

With the Mountains, Ocean; Farmland and Fishing Village; National Park, Valleys, Indigenious Diversity and a growing emphasis on the quality of food.  I would definitely recommend Hualien as a stop by in Taiwan.

The options to choose a lodging by the Pacific Ocean had been tough, with many to choose from and the want to find the best accommodation within budget. I wanted to be as close to the sea as possible and accessible to it.

If anyone would like me to provide a list of the initial selection list of lodging, let me know.

Hotel Bayview has been a relatively new property when I had arrived. And based on the good reviews and photographs I had seen online, I was gambling that it would all be true. There are some good and bad parts, but I will mainly rate this as a wonderful experience still. Business must be brisk, judging from the number of Taiwanese and asian tourists living there. Play with the seasonal rates if you can.

  • The most difficulty I had when booking a room, was the need to transfer a deposit amount to the hotel.
  • Which can only be done so with a Taiwanese Bank Account.
  • Reservation will be guaranteed only when deposit received.
  • Or you can do a wire transfer an pay the extra.

I had booked the Ocean View Honeymoon Room, because the Deluxe Room was full.

  • I did not pick the room with a Balcony, because there is an open air  balcony at the top of the hotel. And I would be out of the room (the intention to explore the rest of Hualien) most of the time.
  • Also, I would have very much preferred to be outdoors on the shore to be near the sea.

Here’s a tour of the room.

The use of White and themes of a seaside town in cheery colours, really adds to the holiday mood.


What I loved most, was waking up to the view of the Ocean. Absolutely beautiful.


I really liked the use of marble in the bathroom and the bathtub that looks into the room, so i can watch television as I take a soak in the tub.





Going upstairs to the outdoor rooftop balcony.


The surrounding views can both be really nice or average.


Because it is still a developing area (I am so glad to be there before everything is built, less touristy), the surrounding views are marred by the barren land and odd construction going on. But this was last year, things might have changed.


Otherwise the views of the faraway Valleys and Mountains, and the vast Ocean ahead makes up for it. I’d take everything with a pinch of salt when travelling.


The Breakfast Room or Dining Area on the groundfloor was cozy too.


With the use of European Influenced Furniture and Interior Decoration, my favourite place to seat is by the window.

A catered breakfast buffet in the morning, i must say the spread was justifiably good. A selection of Western and Chinese breakfast. And an emphasis on local produce.

They served my favourite Curly Wild Vegetable!



Outside, you’d be able to see the cycling tracks down each side of the coast and a light tower just ahead.

Because Qi Xing Tan is a pebbled beach, there should be no worry of dirtying you shoes except to get wet in the rain.

I really liked the fact that, when I step out in the mornings, the fishermen were at work. It was great to be able to indulge myself in the observarences of daily life there.

Which is technically still a fishing village.

SAM_3689 SAM_3678 SAM_3680 SAM_3683 SAM_3907 SAM_3908

Tourism seems to be still developing this side of town.

  • The Hotel Service at the help desk is friendly enough.
  • And the Hotel Reception do provide day tours to the City, Tarako National Park (For about 900 TWD – Half Day Tour with lunch) etcetra.
  • Apparently you are not allowed to hire your own Taxi, but they will call one for you. Not something I do like.
  • There is also a cafe that is open 24hours that offers free biscuits and coffee/tea for its guests.

There is a definitely a chunk of the hospitality pie that this hotel growing in popularity has taken, but compared to the rest of the Minsus which are still a popular choice also – I think this can still be a balance for now.

I can only hope that all these will add to the vibrancy of the tourist town and improve the living conditions and agricultural aspects of Hualien.

There is a big part of me that worries about the skepticism and changing social behaviours that sets in when a tourist area matures, but I guess that will be something to be proven in years ahead.






Hotel Bayview

No.10 Mingtan Street, Sincheng Township, Hualien 971, Taiwan


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