LIFESTYLE MUSINGS: A day at the Singapore Zoo.

We had a guest from Thailand staying over last week.

Which had been interesting to have another teenager in the house, and the added difference in culture to the household.

Boy did it remind me that trying to understand a young mind can be both simple yet difficult.

Yet, this unspoken understanding.

Being foreign, young and overseas without family for the first time.



Which brings me to the topic.

Revisiting places in your own country that one sometimes deem – ‘Been There, Done That’.

Many times we lament how boring out little country can be with the predictability and the limited places to go for entertainment.

In this case, family entertainment.

Or even, growing up and thinking you might have outgrown some places as we grow older.

Or have visited a few times before, therefore Predictable and Boring.


I had all the above in mind.

Like a movie been watched a few times, and the scenes etched in your mind.

You know what to expect. OR you think you do.

What about the little nuances in between?

Maybe just maybe you are watching it because there is something you really like about it.

A hidden emotion? Memory? A story you relate to or hope to?


4 Things:

  1. The smile and wonder that broke out from bored teenagers once we entered the vicinity. Was a bonus.
  2. Finding out about the new changes made to a existing attraction after a mere years which felt like forever.
  3. The unexpected excitement that I felt to see animals roaming again.
  4. I am actually looking forward to the opening of the new River Safari.

Motherhood. Even Sisterhood.

I have alot to learn about that one.

Life’s perks renewed.


Anyway, I finally got to see the PANDAS.

Kai Kai (凯凯) and Jia Jia (嘉嘉); two Giant Panda cubs on loan from Chengdu to the Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

Honestly words can’t describe the onslaught of emotion towards cuteness, and the wonder just by watching a panda feeding on bamboo.


What Wonder.

Grownups going all mushy over Giant Pandas, just sitting there. Kids, cameras and funny baby noises (Humans).

Photos won’t do for taking ‘cute’ animal photos. Video them! Or rather, I learnt.



A funny moment.

When a pair of Red Pandas seemingly playing hide and seek like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

Suddenly appeared and had a ‘humping’ moment.


Suddenly, everyone’s attention is caught. A moment of surprise, then awkward sniggering and amazement.

Too funny :)



Long walks on a scorching hot early afternoon.

Imminently, I felt a sense of Singaporean pride when I hear visitors commending the good work of the Zoo enclosures.

The petting zoo at Kidzworld is gone now. What a shame.

But I must admit, being able to see Ring Tailed Lemurs running around free, Flying foxes feeding on fruit up right in front of you, Water ducks waddling past you (So cute) and beautiful Butterflies fluttering around you in an forest like enclosure was quite an experience.


Somehow it rejuvenated me.

The colours from the wings of the butterfly, sometimes landing on your shoulders and back unexpectedly.

Watching life and nature going about it’s actions.


The chance to touch some animal upclose if you were lucky and brave enough.

Trying to spot them hiding within the plants. Shyly, cautiously and/or timid.

Water ducks in pairs froclicking in the waters. Sometimes a family of them waddling right past you on the paths.

Somehow you forget you are in a man made enclosure.


Nature never feels to inspire.

A reminder to life and living.



Children getting so easily excited through show participation.

The crowd so readily sitting in the scorching morning heat to watch the animal show.

When normally I presume we would probably be complaining about sweat and heat.



I am bummed that we didn’t get to see the Polar Bear.

Who had passed on last year because of sickness.

Amazing how saddened one can feel with the passing of a beloved animal one don’t even get to see often.

Perhaps from childhood memories of seeing her in action. I wish I had taken a picture then.

You are remembered Dear Sheba.

Sheba arrived at the Singapore Zoo on April 14, 1978, from Cologne Zoo, Germany, when she was 14 months old. She was the first polar bear to successfully raise a cub in the tropics.


Finally my top favourites.

The White Tiger.


Pink paws, Blue eyes and handsome Black stripes.

Need I say more?

Watching wild cats catching it feed was sexy.

Sorry Lion, the  Tiger won my attention for Glamour.



The Zebras and Giraffes.


Always awes me with natures ability to design.

Nature’s little Fashionista moments. Love it.

Yet again another visual display of colour and pattern precision.



Flamingos and Peacocks for it’s flamboyance.




There is also what I guessed a sneak preview of the River Safari’s Aquariums.

An added surprise element from the vicinity of the Panda exhibit.


Just sitting and watching the graceful dances of the groups of fishes swimming in the giant tank.

Was a relaxing visual treat.


How many times in a year have we truly paused to admire nature’s ability to sustain and nourish – mind, body and soul?

It’s exquisite creations and constant reminder that there is always more to life?


I live nearby to one of the reservoirs in Singapore.

Many times, the view of the tropical forests still existent on this small island of ours never fails to revive a sense of appreciation to living on the tropical side of the globe.

Here’s a really nice view of the Upper Seletar Reservoir from the soon to open River Safari.



And so this sums up the local zoo’s efforts to create as natural an environment for its visitors.

Which i personally appreciated.

And the animals ability to always surprise and bring on that forgotten wonder in life sometimes.

To put on a show and fascinate just by being themselves.

What a weekend to end the month of April.






Zoo admission tickets: $20 for adults, $13 for children

Additional fee: $5 for each adult, $3 for each child to see the pandas.

Tickets sale from 8.30am daily

Parkmap HERE.


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