TRAVEL: Ritokiya Kan Yakitori りときや 寛 @ Aoyama Mitsuke, Tokyo

After my introduction of Iseya, an old school Yakitori establishment in Kichijoji.

Let’s move on to another FOOD related posts in lieu of the topic on Izakayas.

There had been many different experiences that always comes with eating some of Japan’s food.

Taking this advice from a journalist I met randomly on my first trip.

Be expected to somehow be shocked by the tab when it comes sometimes OR eat cautiously.

This meal was another memorable one.

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Ritokiya Kan Yakitori りときや 寛 is a modern Izakaya establishment located in the basement of the Sakatani Building near to the Akasaka Mitsume Train Station.

Recommended by a colleague, we went curious about what we were about to eat.

Dinner time caters pretty much to the after hours working crowd.

All i can say is, there had been almost no food I had rejected (other than some combini food) in Tokyo.

What I liked about the more modern Izakaya was the relaxed atmosphere, maybe a little serious from the office patrons. Which also gave me a small insight into the behaviour and lifestyle of the Tokyoites.

We were the only foreigners there.


Yakitori seemed to be cooked on an electric grill, with the omission of the smell of charcoal.


Here’s a list of it’s popular Skewers.

  • Yakitori 焼き鳥
  • Chicken Meatball つくね – Favourite
  • (Gizzard?) とりレバー – Favourite
  • Chicken Fillet ささみ
  • Chicken Skins ひな皮 – Favourite
  • Bacon wrapped Asparagus アスパラ巻き
  • Bacon wrapped Tomato  トマト巻き – Favourite
  • Shiitake Mushrooms しいたけ

For this Yakitori-ya, serving of food was prompt. The selection on the menu decent variety and the taste was good. .

I especially loved the Chicken Rice Soup 鳥ワンタンスープ, while the skewers which were served with a side dip (really good). Something I haven’t came across yet in Japan.

A rice dish served with toppings in a screaming hot stone bowl, later mixed Bibimbap style. With the yummy chicken broth poured in, it’s was heaven in a bowl. Somewhat like the ending dish of a Nabe meal, where rice is added to the leftover soup.  To make an impromptu rice porridge.


Setup and atmosphere can go between semi formal to casual.

Again, as with most food establishments here, eating is a smoky affair. With indoor smoking allowed.

Combined with Beers, Food, Smokes and work talk. It almost felt like I was in gradually in sync with local urban living.


The really fun part was getting a little rowdier as the beer continues and the constant ordering of Yakitori. 

Food that seems to keep coming and interesting ccompany :)


Price wise, I guess it is average for the locals.

With the amount of food we had ordered.

For a Singaporean like me, justifying a 3500Yen per pax meal might seem a little costly for dinner.

I’d say, eat with an open mind and pocket.

Considering the food quality, authenticity you can only get when in it’s country of origin and the cost of living in Tokyo.


Aoyama Itchome

Address: 3-9-4 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to
〒107-0052 東京都港区赤坂3-9-4 (Sakatani Building サカタニビル B1F)
Phone:+81 3-3582-5558

Lunch Monday-Friday 11:30~13:30
Dinner Monday-Friday 17:00~23:30
Saturday 17:00~22:30
Closed Sundays & Holidays


One thought on “TRAVEL: Ritokiya Kan Yakitori りときや 寛 @ Aoyama Mitsuke, Tokyo

  1. You make me miss Japan so much. I will have to try this restaurant when I go back for a visit. One of my favorite yakitori restaurants in a little place called toriniku vin at the Ishikawacho Station it has only 7 seats and this one man show makes the best mushrooms and deliciously moist yakitori. Ja Mata, BAM

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