TRAVEL Part 2: Food @ Wulai Old Street (烏來老街), Taipei New City (Taiwan)

Here’s a photo blog on the food me and my friends had came across while in Wulai.

Suffice to say, in Taiwan, eat your way through your trip.

A part in Asia we Singaporeans recognize as a street food paradise.

Wulai Old Street (烏來老街)

In Wulai, everything seemed relatively slower compared to Taipei.

Walking through the short Wulai Old Street 烏來老街, was a relaxing stroll.

It has been interesting for me to revisit similar foods in Taiwan prepared as with in Singapore – Being chinese.

Starting with good old Soya Bean Milk and Fried Dough Fritters 豆漿油條 (Dou Jiang You Tiao).


So familiar a snack, it takes the home sickness away.

Also, a mini exploration on the Atayal tribe food influences.

Quirky Soda Dispenser.

Quirky Soda Dispenser.

One of the most frequently seen ingredient is the Taiwanese Sweet Potato.

In this case, the 蜜汁地瓜 Honey Coated Sweet Potato.

Such a simple hot street snack, on a cold cold winter’s day. Sweet, a tad mushy and coated with a thin coat of Syrup.

One of my favourite feel good snacks. Oh so simple, yet non of the cloying overt sweetness from sugar.

That makes you feel Jelat.

The first time I had it, was in Hualien, freshly steamed, refreshingly sweet and bought off a cart. Oh memories.

蜜汁地瓜 Honey Coated Sweet Potato

There is another type of sweet Potato product that would enable you, as a traveler to bring the taste back home.

I can’t remember all the flavour options. Black: Black Sugar 黑糖, Orange: Original, Yellow: (Possibly) Maltose Candy 麦芽糖 (Mai Ya Tang)

I would recommend buying this home to make dessert. Eating this straight off the packaging is ok, but I find the sweetness a little artificial (Although a good way to probably preserve the product). Still similar in taste to the street snack, but much sweeter.

NOTE: It doesn’t keep too well for long especially in Tropical weather.


There is no doubt if you are on a quest for slow food movement and fresh produce, Taiwan can be one of the countries to start in.

Quality and the exposure to fresh farmed produces is evident in a much bigger country like Taiwan.

Something I really miss and appreciate sine coming back.

Have you ever felt holistically and emotionally happier just by knowing that the food that you put in your body is always fresh and honestly produced? I do. Fresh food that you know where it can come from and off the soil where you were nearby to.

The sign says: Self Grown Vegetables

The sign says: Self Grown Vegetables

Mashu(麻糬 Mochi) another well known dessert (Specifically in Hualien) is a Glutinous Rice Ball usually stuffed with Peanuts or Red beans. As with the Japanese confectionary.

In Singapore, we would relate more to Muaji (麻薯) – glutinous rice with a crushed peanut and sugar coat on the outside.

It seemed to be a Wulai Tradition to serve us Mochi with a cup of Ginger Tea after our Soak in the Bathhouse.  Maybe because it is a food recognized by the Indigenious people and a form of introduction and hospitality to introduce visitors to the dessert (My guess).

Mashu(麻糬 Mochi)

Have something else related to the tribal influence of the area.

Order the Wild mountain boar skewer (山豬肉串), whilst watching the man dancing to music and grilling.

The texture of the meat is notably tougher, yet still like pork. What i liked was the savoury seasoning used for the skewered meat.


Lastly the Hot Spring Egg 溫泉蛋, cooked in a variety of Spring Water concoctions.

For example: Shaoxing Wine or Herbal tea.


And this sums up my brief exploration into the street food scene in Wulai.


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