Or is (Fruit/Vegetable) Infused Water  a better term??

Oh well.

Anyway, a semblance (like this photo below) have been circulating .

First I thought, well that’s a very cool reminder to make plain water looks palatable.

BEST WATERS EVER !!! And you feel amazing after drinking :)

Source here.

Often times I wonder when people started sharing something on social media, if anyone ever really follows and does it.

Something maybe as simple as – putting fruit into your water.

You know? Reading information and/or facts and somehow inculcating it into your life or find out how you really feel about it?

I’m narrowing it down to the topic of health and eating habits of course.

So hey!. I did today.

Lunch on a sunny afternoon: Infused water, Avocado Pappardelle & Roast Chicken. Feels like an in-house picnic already.

What’s on the menu?

Sliced Oranges and Cherries. (Don’t we always have some kind of fresh fruit lying around?)

Chilled water from the fridge – VOILA!. Done.



  • Why waste money buying expensive aromatics (In this case citrus) when we have it in the house? It really does perk up my palate at lunch and my mood :)
  • It changes the taste of your water, but it is just so pretty and cool to have colour and form in your drink. Refreshing  visual and taste.
  • You can now extend the shelf life and purpose of your fruit/vegetable by putting them in your water (or when you are too lazy to eat them). Slice in advance, pop into fridge overnight or so with water. Imagine a water bar (Yes, like bartender)..
  • It make you drink more water because of the novelty of it.
  • Scrap the sodas and flavoured sweet drinks for a Healthier Option :) Yay!
  • You are guaranteed a healthy Dessert/Snack after finishing your water (Fruit at the bottom)!
  • Which means – an increased intake of Water and Fruit/Vegetable in your diet if you don’t or not having enough of fibre already.
  • Beautifies your table at meals/picnics.

So ladies and gentlemen.

As much as it might not make sense in the beginning or tedious to the lazy ones.

I personally see it as a great water to improve your lifestyle just by a few simple steps and some effort.

All good.


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