TRAVEL: Lee Bul Exhibition @ Mori Art Museum

A very belated post.

@ 53rd Floor, Mori Art Musuem


Lee Bul, was a chanced upon contemporary artist at the point of time.

The brochure presentation was beautiful.

My mind was curious with the type of exhibitions that can be held in Tokyo and  the artist’s work, reason enough to visit the musuem.

Which turned out to be one of my most memorable random adventure in the city.

SAM_5365 SAM_5364
Favourite Works: 
Heaven and Earth
Majestic Splendour
Thaw (Takaki Masao)

The play of irony and reality constantly amuses me.

Beauty and Destruction, the pursuit of Technology and human desire..
It was a good insight into the cultural influences and political history of Korea.
That in spite everything – Nothing lasts forever.
Or maybe, it could.

In fact the struggles and phases an artist goes through pursuing a vision, exploring an option, arriving on an expression. Yet always, a continuous journey. At that, it inspires another, provokes your thoughts, titillates your emotions.

At one point, while on the 53rd floor and staring at a sculpture full of thin wires.. It took me a moment before realising the wires were tingling slightly – Earth shaking? I think so, active tectonic plates.

Which kind of brings one into awareness that this is volatile land, where a natural disaster can happen any moment.

When suddenly, the reminder that life can be transient, and not forever.

I grinned to myself as the thought set in, it was a time of many emotional exploration for me. Being in Tokyo a mere few months after the 3/11 earthquake. We move on.

It is  funny when you don’t really sense anything, yet the little things around you could give you signals of an otherwise unnoticed situation going on.
I was also proud to witness the interaction of the Japanese Audience with a Singaporean Video Representation at the exhibition while I was there. It was easy to spot a local production somehow, however distorted the ongoing visual presentation was meant to be.
A ‘BINGO’ moment – made me smile :)

I am still trying to understand museum rules and etiquette as I begin to explore them when I travel.

In this museum, I was not allowed to, therefore no photos of Lee Bul’s From me, to you only exhibition will be put up here.

What I really did enjoy from this trip to the building and viewing installations and it’s surrounding amenities:

  • The abundance of space for exploration and exhibition.
  • The freedom of movement albeit in a crowd of visitors, it never felt overly cramped ( I was there on a weekend).
  • The architecture that manage to evoke freedom which was a luxury always in a megapolis, perhaps from the knowledge we are above a certain height above the city, the use of glass panels and again portrayal of space within the exhibition space.
  • The quality of the exhibition I attended.

There is a certain air of  elegant modern opulence in Tokyo that I can never quite describe except to tell one to experience it.

Somehow knowing that land is expensive, and being in one of the most expensive cities in the world, the ability to evoke and actually built with space and creative architecture in mind is just inspiring.

With the added opulence and grandeur of Lee Bul’s work, Tokyo finally took my breathe away in the few hours.

A small city girl who has finally touched base in the big city.


2 thoughts on “TRAVEL: Lee Bul Exhibition @ Mori Art Museum

  1. I have not been to this museum. I will have to give a look and see on my next visit. Tokyo is very expensive and not until you leave the city area do you realize how much it is compared to other large cities in the world. I remember when we first moved to Yokohama and I went for groceries and a little tiny cluster of grapes was more than 7.50 yen I knew it was going to tough.

    • Hi Bam, yes Tokyo is definitely expensive. Singapore is also creeping up on the top 10 list. Forbes listed Hong Kong as the #1 in 2013 though. What’s your take?

      It was a shame I didn’t manage to make it to Yokohama, I was planning on it. Strawberries, perfect looking ones always. It took me a long while to contemplate before purchasing a tray for 1000yen. A punnet here cost about SGD$5-10.

      Land and space was the most expensive (E.g. Hotel room).

      There will still be affordable food, just have to explore the area you are in and with time on hand/research.
      But still, I loved Tokyo precisely for that, a certain unpredictability and surprise around the corner. To keep my eyes open. :)

      Good to hear from you again!

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