FOODSTEPS: In the mood for Scones.

To me, making food is a source of personal satisfaction and fun with experimenting.

Most times taking an inspiration through a recipe or taste.

At times I miss that remembered texture, emotion or taste. And would like to be able to remake that memory, trace back to that moment of food satisfaction.

In this case, lately – Scones.

Fuss free and straight forward to make too.

And I rely my memory of a true scone to my very first experience of a Tea House – The Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge in Takashimaya (Which had closed down in 2011). And yes, served with a nice pot of hot fragrant tea.

On a leisurely laidback sunny weekend afternoon, Garden/Colonial setting and a Breeze in the air + a Good Book.



There had been a moment of frustration and debate with a friend.

Of whether eggs or no eggs are actually used in a basic scone recipe.

I guess there can never be a true recipe unless it had been traditionally passed down through generations.

My ideal scone would have a semi soft yet slightly crumbly texture and a crust-like outside.

I deduce the basic ingredients to Baking should be:





Raising Agent – If need be.

And whilst I am on this journey to re-understanding and practicing my baking skills again.

I came across this article, An Information Sheet on scones.

When I think of scones, I think of English Teas. But it seems, it had originated from Scotland!



At a friend’s while making these. Decided to opt for cute, since I usually never really do.

Using a cookie cutter.


Note*The ideal dough is soft and sticky with a ratio of one part liquid to three parts flour

The texture of the interior should be light and soft, and white in colour.


So my first attempt of making scones based on memory of a school recipe was a personal challenge.

Somehow it came out exactly like a rock bun! *Laughter*

I had used a rock bun recipe instead without realising that day :)


Perhaps if I had added a portion of milk to a stickier consistency I am on my way to a good ol’ scone. Alas.!

So the quest for the baking perfect scone continues until the next time.

And yes, freshly hand Whipped Cream!

No doubt about that one.


The next time I do make these again, I would want to make everything from scratch.

That includes making my very first Jam preserve :)

Looking forward to that one!


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