WHAT’S COOKIN: Samgyeopsal 삼겹살 (Grilled Pork Belly) with Namul Banchan 나물 반찬 (Korean Side Dishes)

I am actually excited as I am writing this.

I guess when one tries to make a new cuisine properly for the first time in the kitchen, there is always anticipation and curiosity with the turnout of taste.

Always, the feeling of satisfaction when I make my own food.

Eating well at home, has become a lifestyle preference, with new expirements with international cuisine recipes whenever I can.

And last weekend, I went had my korean ingredients bought out of a warehouse/supermarket!

I made 2 types of Namul (나물) Banchan earlier to go with the Bibimbap recipe.

  • Sukjunamul (녹두나물) – Mung Bean Sprouts Banchan, but I used Soyabean Sprouts instead.
  • Siguemchinamul (시금치나물) – Spinach Banchan

Banchans are Korean small side dishes that accompanies a meal. Usually vegetarian.

And Namul Banchan according to Wiki;
refers to steamed, marinated, or stir-fried vegetables usually seasoned with sesame oil, salt, vinegar, minced garlic, chopped green onions, dried chili peppers, and soy sauce.

With the homemade banchans I had made, i decided to go ahead with a healthy non carbohydrate meal by forgoing the rice in this meal.

And have Samgyeopsal (Pork Belly) for dinner today!

*Note: Grilling the pork in a pan over gas stove – less hassle.


Samgyeopsal 삼겹살 literally means three layer meat. In other terms – Pork Belly meat. Because of it’s natural characteristics of fat and meat layers.

But as a overall meal, Samgyeopsal means to me personally like any barbecue style of eating and serving meat at the table. And not just the meat, although that is the star main dish that gets the whole meal together.

But it is also the banchan 반찬 (Side Dishes) that makes the experience unique.

And of course, who can resist eating it all in a lettuce wrap (My favourite)!


A couple more accompaniments I decided to complete this meal are :

  • Romaine Lettuce (Usually sangchu; 상추 is used).
  • Ssamjang – Dipping sauce (Recipe according to maangchi’s)
  • Kimchi  – Fermented Napa Cabbage (Store bought)
  • Sliced Fresh Garlic
Ssangchu Wrap

Ssangchu Wrap

Sounds like a great luxurious meal to me already.

I loved the Ssangchu (Lettuce) wrap combination of Pork, Kimchi and fresh tasting Vegetable.

If you manage to pre-make your Banchans, this really is an easy meal to pull together.

And in your very own home too!



Ingredients for Ssamjang

  • 1/4 cup soy bean paste
  • 2 tbs hot pepper paste
  • 1 stalk of chopped green onion
  • 1 clove of minced garlic, 2 ts honey (or sugar)
  • 2 ts sesame seeds
  • 1 tbs sesame oil

Another post I wrote for the #LaterBlog  Series.

And another step towards adding my vegetables to my diet :)


3 thoughts on “WHAT’S COOKIN: Samgyeopsal 삼겹살 (Grilled Pork Belly) with Namul Banchan 나물 반찬 (Korean Side Dishes)

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