WHAT’S COOKIN: Kimchi Jjigae 김치 찌개 (Cabbage Kimchi Stew)

It had been a day up of nonstop myriad of emotions.

Sudden shock, sadness to the passing of a school batchmate. Gone too soon. A shooting star in his time. Gone in a flash.

There is no doubt, I cherish and took pride very much the pioneering of my Alma mater had gave in memories. Years when we strive to bring pride and recognition to the school. Of different people who brought the change, the tears and sweat unseen. The childish bickering and non stop action on the daily. Oh youth. Sometimes so easily forgotten.

Life being always unpredictable, I question why would the times in life, good persons would be taken away too soon.

Maybe to leave whatever legacy, a lesson to be learnt and realized.

Being in touch with old friends, realizing more and more the importance of remembering, being in touch as best we can and all the different things that one faces ups and downs. We all learn. We all move on. We all remember.

We break, We make up. We forget, We leave be.

Always a moment it time, frozen in memory until.

I can only hope in time, more would articulate more. Voice out more, share and appreciate.

All in time.

Frustration, Awareness of a changing world. Gratefulness for people in my life and all things that still deem bright.

Taking action, more and more to things I would never have done years before. Moving forward in a direction in pursuit of a more meaningful life.

In it’s many small ways, giving me a sense of hope, meaning and achievement. Only human.

Volunteering has been a priority on my list lately.

Sustainability another topic of concern and action.

Relationships always.


Kimchi Stew.

Scalding hot and spicy. To remind myself to keep that zest for life!.

Constantly looking for that fire and keeping it burning.


Kimchi overload post today.

Pairing it with a side of Kimchi Fried Rice.


One of the many simple ways to use Kimchi 김치 (Fermented Vegetable, in this case the Napa Cabbage) .

Not just as an accompaniment, but a main course.

Easy to store in the fridge for a long time for later use, further fermentation.

Sour perk.

NOTE* I used frozen stock, homemade chicken stock and Ikan Bilis (Dried Anchovies) to add flavour to the stew. Freezing stock into ice cubes is a very good way to save ingredients for later. By using leftover bones or fresh ones to make homemade stock. Trying to minimize wastage of food as much as possible and use them to the fullest is a challenge I took on lately.

I also added a little DoenJang (Korean Soya Bean Paste) for a little more oomph.

You can find the Kimchi Jjigae recipe HERE.


Oh Jjigae 찌개, bring me the spice of life.

Humble, nourishing on a cold, grey day.


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