WHAT’S COOKIN: Leftover Ssamjang, DakGaSeumSal Kimchi Stirfry 닭가슴살 김치 볶음


If you are looking for another quick meal on a busy day.

This is another dish that is relatively fast to cookup and easy to prepare.

I had quite a few vegetables going in this dish, but you can use the basics ( Onion, Spring Onion, Carrot).

And the leftover Ssamjang I had from the Samgyeopsal I made previously.

Basics of what you really do need in your kitchen for future Korean meals are:

  1. Sesame Oil
  2. Sesame Seeds
  3. Kimchi (Napa Cabbage)
  4. Gochujang (Salty and Slightly Spicy Korean Condiment made from Chilli, Glutinous rice, Fermented Soybeans)
  5. Doenjang  (Traditional Korean fermented Soyabean Bean Paste) – Tastes salty almost like Japanese Miso but more pungent.

If you have these stocked in your pantry, you are really pretty much ready to Go!

I have been exploring on a few recipes lately as tryouts. And looking forward to make more of them.

I followed the recipe HERE for the sauce.


Inspired from the dish Jae Yook Kimchi Bokum (Spicy Pork And Kimchi Stirfry)

All I did was grabbed what’s left of my vegetables in the refrigerator and just fry it all up!

Normally this dish had Pork Belly meat used, but since I had Chicken Breasts (DakGaSeumSal) , I used that instead.

And yes, I intend to cook up some Pork Belly soon for this recipe.

I chose to marinate my meat with a small pinch of salt and grounded black pepper.

Easy peasy. Since the sauce is going to be strong in taste and salty already.

If you have noticed, it’s Korean Food Month for me.

Trying out new dishes from another new country.


Sometimes the best way to understand people is really through the food they eat.

And gauging it with your own taste.

Of course nothing beats authentic cooking right from Korea or from an Anjumma.

What I do notice is, that the Korean Dishes I tried so far circulates around a few basic condiments needed.

And recipes are nothing too complicated.


SOyabean Sprout Banchan and Spinach Banchan. So easy to have it premade and stored for a day or two. And eaten whenever with rice.

Of course, everyday meals to be prepared at home should never take too long,

But compared to this side of South East Asia, when chinese dishes could be conjured up with a myriad of sauces and condiments.

I really do appreciate the simplicity of preparation.

Cut, Chop, Slice that’s it.

Sauce and ready to go.




Using a 2:1 Ratio (Doenjang : Gochujang)

2 Tsp Doenjang

1 Tsp Gochujang

Spring Onion – Chopped

1/2 Ts[ Toasted White Sesame Seeds

1/2 Clove Garlic (1 whole piece if you prefer) – Minced

Dash of Sesame Oil

Sugar (Optional) – If you find it too salty


1/4 Carrot – Julienne

1/2 Onion – Sliced

1 Sprig Spring Onion – Cut into Strips

Homemade Pickled Zucchini (Optional)

1/2 Tomato – Sliced

2 Pieces Chicken Breasts – Sliced

1 Leave Kimchi – I had just snip out a piece from a whole head of Kimchi Cabbage and cut it into bite sized pieces  (Or 1/2 cup Kimchi)

2 Tbsp Kimchi Liquid


  • Mix the Ssamjang Ingredients all together, set aside
  • Heat pan, add a dash of oil.
  • Fry Onion and Carrots until you can smell the fragrance (A few seconds will do).
  • Add in the rest of the vegetables and meat and give a quick stir (Omit the tomatoes for now).
  •  Add in the Kimchi liquid, so the dish doesn’t get too dry over heat.
  • Add in Ssamjang, and give another stir for a minute.
  • Lastly add in your tomatoes, toss and cover pan with a lid.
  • Let it cook for another minute. Sprinkle som sugar if you find it still salty.
  • Serve hot with rice.

This is a great dish for rainy days and lazy days.

A tad sour, savoury and abit sour. So good with steaming hot rice.

And I must say, Short Grain rice do make a difference over Jasmine Rice!


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