2013, a new year.

If you have visited my blog previously, you might have noticed the big change in the layout design.

*Note: Use the search engine to search for recipes, travel information by keywords E.G Taiwan, Hualien / Salad, Eggs.

My childhood foray into creating food, connecting with the world via the internet and dreams of travels through books began at a very young age.

My ultimate dream had always been travelling and eating my way through the world, one country at a time.

Suffice to say, as years gone by. I satisfy the self through week long trips at least (whenever possible) trying to live and learn through the local community of each place I visit. Not always easy, being a first time ‘tourist’ most of the time. But I strive to be a Traveller NOT Tourist.

I believe one of the best way to explore the world even when being demographically stationary, is to make food of another origin, throw in a dose of imagination and taste. Flavours possibly migratory, sometimes traditional, at times infused with a modernistic touch. Culture in a pot.

Moments when I laugh at myself for being too ambitious recipe/s or not. Trying to find a mean of expression through the contents on a plate. Contentment, Satisfaction, Disappointment! Stress!. 

Written musings here are my own bubble of thoughts, a journal openly published to share inspiration (if any) from experiences. There might be inaccuracies or lack of insight at times on events or places (normal), but let this be a space for writing. Mainly for the joy to the sound of typing, the alphabet and the love of memories.

A lust for exploration and connection to other cultures.

I read on whimsy, by mood and cook sometimes.

Making food with recipes for the everyday kitchen.