FOODSTEPS: ChaGapDa Dubu KongGukSu (차갑다 두부 콩국수) Cold Tofu Soyabean Noodles

I’m on a roll with summer associated dishes.

Cold noodle dishes at that.



This is the part when I will practice a little Korean :)

Kong 콩  – Bean (Soya)

GukSu 국수 – Noodles

Therefore KongGukSu would mean Bean Noodles!


If I’d like to be really specific it would have been:

ChaGapDa  Dubu KongGukSu 차갑다 두부 콩국수 – Cold Tofu Soyabean Noodles


Forgive my enthusiastic diversion, I’m just practicing my Korean.

This is actually fun.

Of all the Korean recipes I have wanted to make so far, this is the one dish that I look forward to.

Considering this is seldom heard of  in Singapore for a Korean Dish.

And living in Tropical weather, this Summer dish would be a perfect Summer complement.

And Oh-So-Easy to make.


I have chose to use aeriskitchen’s recipe, after much research. Since I have all of the ingredients and it is much easier to make.

Also, I have halved the ingredients since this is a 1 portion meal for myself and added Flaxseed to up the nutritional value.

And thanks to her, all these Korean terms below manage to make sense.


The original version would involve soaking Dried Soyabeans overnight, and then removing the skins. Boiling them in water and making soyabean milk. Much more tedious. Which I will probably do a remake, with watermelon and ice cubes next time!


INGREDIENTS (Serves 1 Pax)

1 Tsp Ddang Kong 땅콩  – Peanut (I used shelled and raw)

1 Tsp AMonDeu 아몬드 –  Almond

1/2 Tsp Chahm Ggae 참깨 – Sesame Seeds (White)

1/2 Tsp Flaxseed

1/2 Sun Dubu 순두부 – Soft Tofu

1 Cup WuYu 우유 –  Milk

SoGeum 소금 – Salt to taste

SeolTang 설탕 – Sugar to taste

Handful SoMyeon 소면 – White wheat noodles (Tastes like the Chinese Mee Sua, but a little thicker)

1 Tsp GeomJung Chahm Ggae 검정  참깨 – Black Sesame Seeds

1/4 Whole OI 오이 –  Cucumber Cut into thin strips




  • Toast Nuts until slightly brown. Set aside to cool.
  • Slice your cucumber and proceed to julienne it.
  • Bring a pot of water to a boil.
  • Prepare blender, Add Tofu, Nuts and Seeds, and milk.
  • Give it a whizz until smooth and frothy.
  • You can decide to add Salt and Sugar to taste at this point. The initial taste has a little sweetness which i prefer.
  • Put your noodles into pot and cook for 5-ten minutes. until soft.
  • When cooked, drain hot water and rinse under cold tap water.
  • I chose to prepare these in advance, chill the Soyabean soup, noodle and cucumber for an hour before serving.
  • Alternatively, you can serve it straight away with some ice cubes.

*TIP: This can be eaten with Cherry tomatoes or even Watermelon for garnish!