TRAVEL: Tokyo City View @ Roppongi Hills Mori Tower (六本木ヒルズ森タ)

If you had read my previous post, this will be the followup.

When you purchase an admission ticket to the Mori Art Museum, 1500¥ grants you added access to the Tokyo City View.

52nd Floor Observatory, Mori Tower.


I would recommend to visit the Mori Tower at around 4.30pm, when you could take a slow stroll when the sun is still up and almost setting.

Therefore, you would then be able to enjoy the view from sunlight to dusk.


It gave me time to enjoy the space, do a little people watching and observing the view of the changing vast cityscape as the sun sets.

Make sure to do a few rounds around the observatory.

Tokyo from the view on top was a moment.
Imagine the millions of people living in one city, the saturation of human activities. The coming and going of everyday.

Natural disasters, how do they live their everyday? How about us? Living in a small country with no disasters at all? Are we taking certain things for granted?

All this aesthetics, beauty and culture in one country.