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Japan, Tokyo 1


Taiwan, Taipei, Hualien



Thailand, Phuket Album


  •  Phuket
  • Krabi


Vietnam, HCMC + Mui Ne


Turning into a beach bunny, lazing by the seaside on many a sunny afternoons. Letting the sun kiss the skin to a golden brown. Seemingly letting the world pass by as each crashing wave lulls me off to hazy dazes with books and ice cold beer and tea.

I always had a fascination with the Ocean.

The Xenophile bit started too early, conversing with different nationalities finding out the differences and what made us all tick. Books that inspired and sent me into dreamy phases of wonderment.


My parents played a big role in the appreciation for Nature and it’s wonders and the vagabond lust.

Trying to sea each country I land on with as little a touristy perspective as I can.

To be able to spend a little more time living it with the common people. Learning their ways and pace in life.


For now, Asia calls. Before more of it becomes almost too globalized beyond recognition.

To map the history of it’s past, its influences and it’s similarities to my own background.

Food always, for it’s many ways of connecting people and it’s tastes all over the world.


I dream to be a travel host, to bring stories from beyond the advertisements and tourism aspects of business.


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